Desk Hoteling & Meeting Room Digital Signage

Our desk hoteling and meeting room management solution can help create a safe and socially distanced workplace, while giving you the insight you need to manage costs and right-size your real estate investment. 

Key Benefits of Our Desk & Meeting Room Management System

Use space utilization data to right-size real estate costs according to your needs.
Create a safe environment for your employees by enabling social distancing in your office.

Enable a hybrid workforce by empowering your employees to easily reserve space as needed.

Your Desk Hoteling & Meeting Room Digital Signage Solution

Contact TracinG Capabilities

Our contact tracing capabilities give you access to detailed reports of where and when employees reserved a desk or meeting room, as well as control over which resources are available, enabling you to close spaces as needed.


Our meeting room digital signage solutions are designed to integrate with your existing systems and scale with your company, regardless of how many desks, meeting rooms, floors, or locations you have.

Intuitive  Mobile  Application 

The SmartSpace Global mobile app offers a quick and easy desk and room booking experience for employees while helping employees find colleagues, and better navigate the office. 

Workplace  Analytics 

With our powerful analytics tool, you can gain insight into utilization patterns over time to help optimize your office design and help reduce real estate costs.

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The Value of FWI's Meeting Room Management Software

Workplace Usage Insights 

Gain insight into utilization and occupancy data to help you optimize your real estate investment, drive productivity, and improve space utilization.

Easy Desk & Room Booking

Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for employees to find open desks and meeting rooms, then book the resources they need.

Flexibility to Adapt to Changes

Gain the flexibility to adapt to workspace management needs—whether you’re reconfiguring your space, expanding your current office, or adding new locations.

What You Get with Our Conference Room Management Solution

Employee Experience


Connect your workforce with the resources, people, and information they need to be productive, delivering a better, seamless, and more modern employee experience.



Gain a greater understanding of how your space is being used, as well as  the ability to automate features of your office like lighting, heating, desk and room availability, and more.


Our powerful analytics tool provides advanced reporting that gives you access to granular data on space occupancy, contact tracing, and environmental properties.

Visual Mapping 2


Help your employees better navigate your workspace and find the location of colleagues with customized office floor plans.

Multiple Booking


Give your workforce the ability to book workstations, desks, meeting rooms, or other office resources from our mobile app, web portal, or touchscreens in the workplace. 



Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you solve any issues that come up at any time of day.

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It’s time to leave the whiteboard and paper scheduling “systems” in the past, where they belong. It’s time to contact us about upgrading your desk hoteling software and meeting room digital signage.