Passenger Information

When you’re looking for a passenger information display system, integrations are a key consideration. Our digital signage platform integrates with multiple AODBs, providing access to different real-time data sources in easily understandable, visually engaging formats.

Key Benefits

Provide quick and easy access to travel information, helping to improve the overall passenger experience.
Integrate with key information systems to display real-time information, automating how information is deployed to your screens.
Improve passenger navigation and traffic flow throughout your facility, ensuring your travelers can quickly find what they need.

From the very beginning, FWI’s platform easily handled all of our content management needs, plus made it easy to scale as new ideas and opportunities were presented.


Your Passenger Information Solution

Robust Scheduling

Our powerful scheduling capabilities allow you to easily manage content across thousands of endpoints, regardless of the number or types of information displays, wayfinding solutions, or other passenger experience applications you may want to deploy.

FWI Enterprise

FWI Enterprise gives you access to the full capabilities of the FWI platform, enabling you to create customized applications, integrate with unlimited external data sources, maintain control over user and device management, and more.

Emergency Messaging

Integrate with your emergency alert system to automatically deploy relevant safety content to all of your facility’s screens, helping to ensure your passengers know what to do in emergency situations.

Intuitive User Workflow

Enable multiple users across a variety of functions to contribute and edit content, ensuring relevant, accurate content shows up on your screens.

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The Value You Receive

Improve the Passenger Experience

By delivering relevant, engaging content throughout your facilities, you can help ensure that passengers have a positive and engaging experience.

Get Enhanced Content Contribution Capabilities

Use FWI Cloud to manage content, devices, and user permissions on the fly from your mobile device, giving you the flexibility today’s world demands.

Simplify Digital Signage Management

You can power every digital signage application in your facility through our enterprise-grade platform, alleviating the burden of managing multiple systems.

What You Get


Built-In Security

FWI’s platform is backed by a full set of information security policies and procedures that include, but are not limited to, incident response, Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC), cryptographic security, change management, and access control.

Application Authoring


Get the ability to build and deploy any type of passenger information application you need in the future, ensuring that you can always reach your audience and meet the needs of your business.

Flexible Content Management


FWI Cloud gives you access to an intuitive mobile interface that makes it easy to make changes to your facility’s digital signs on-the-fly from anywhere.

Hosted Infrastructure


Our cloud-hosted model provides a lower upfront cost while also helping to minimize ongoing IT maintenance, facilities, and staffing expenses.



Schedule the content on your digital signage to automatically rotate based on the day of week, or time of day.



Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you solve any issues that come up at any time of day.

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Your passengers need access to information. You need a platform which enables that, plus does a lot more. From digital signage solutions for FIDs, BIDs, GIDs, wayfinding and more, we’ve got the applications and expertise you need.