Quick Service Restaurants.

Increase customer engagement, drive repeat business and make your brand stand out in a competitive market with the top digital signage applications for QSR and fast-casual restaurants.

Key Benefits






Top Use Cases.

Advertising and promotions

Advertising and Promotions

Improve sell-through on your specials and other promotional items by prominently displaying ongoing offers on screens in key areas.

Menu boards

Menu Boards

Utilize menu boards to dynamically display specials and other menu options based on each location’s sales data as well as time of day.

Video walls

Video Walls

Utilize a variety of video wall configurations to deliver relevant branding and promotional information in an impactful way.

Quick Service Restaurants

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See how Honor Society blended digital signage into its aesthetic to reinforce brand values, build loyalty and increase customer engagement.

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While guests are enjoying their meals, we actually get to continuously engage with them without doing so in an invasive way.


Key Product Features.



Use our single software platform to manage as many digital signage applications as you need—across as many screens as you have.

User workflow

User Workflow

Enable multiple people and departments to contribute and edit content, ensuring only relevant information displays on your screens. 

Robust scheduling

Robust Scheduling

Powerful scheduling capabilities allow you to easily manage localized content across thousands of solutions and endpoints.

Ease of use

Ease of Use

Our drag-and-drop interface simplifies digital content scheduling and management, regardless of how many endpoints you support.



Use our platform’s built-in touchscreen functionality to give your customers the types of immersive, intuitive experiences they expect.

Real time

Display real-time menu updates

Integrate with your PoS system to ensure your digital menus display the correct information— even if you need to make updates on the fly.

Top Integrations.

Delivering real-time information on screens digital across your enterprise has never been easier. In addition to open-source integrations like SQL, RSS, JSON and more, we also have pre-configured adapters for data sources in every major industry:


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Digital Signage for Restaurants


Driving repeat business and increasing customer engagement is part of what makes digital signage in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry so effective. Digital signage has been a staple in the QSR industry for years because it can quickly and easily disseminate information, plus be updated on the fly.


What can Digital Signage do for the Quick Service Restaurant Industry?


Digital signage thrives in the restaurant industry because of its flexibility. There is no better means to facilitate daily operations than through digital avenues—and implementing signage is the answer to many challenges facing restaurants. The following are a few ways digital signage can be used in restaurants:


  • Menu Boards
  • Wayfinding
  • Video walls
  • Advertising and Promotion


To ensure that digital signage technology is used to its full potential in the QSR industry, it’s crucial that it be both easy to manage and operated from a central platform.


How can you use Digital Signage in the Quick Service Restaurant Industry?


Although the obvious use of using digital displays in QSRs are digital menu systems, there are a multitude of other ways the technology can benefit a restaurant. The following are just a few simple use cases for digital signage in restaurants:


  • To improve internal communication
  • To make ordering menu items easier
  • To entertains customers while they wait
  • To display food and beverage descriptions
  • To update and schedule changes


Using digital signage in restaurants is rather self-explanatory but the ultimate goal is almost always improving customer engagement and experience.


Benefits of Digital Signage for the Quick Service Restaurant Industry


There are countless ways in which the technology can benefit a restaurant, but the following are the most remarkable:


Customer Engagement


Although the exterior of your restaurant is the first to make an impression, it’s your restaurant’s digital menus that will make the ultimate impact. From LED’s to LCD screens, restaurant digital signage makes conveying the right message easy, targeted and aesthetically pleasing.




Digital menu boards are perhaps the most practical in this situation and are part of what makes digital signage so popular in the consumer arena. Cloud technologies allow business owners to easily program pricing and specials without having to perform manual updates.


Point of Purchase


Small displays at the point of purchase allow a consumer to take control of their buying journey. In addition to serving as a final chance to say “thank you” to your customers, these screens can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.


Digital signage in the Quick Service Industry is all about timing, efficiency and personalized messaging, and can be the difference between a negative and positive customer experience. In an industry where happy customers are key, you can give them the types of communication they expect with digital signage.