Convention Centers.

Our digital signage platform helps drive your conference and event bookings by giving your clients the tools they need to ensure their attendees have the best possible experiences.

Key Benefits






Top Use Cases.

Convention center

Conference and Event Management

Display current and upcoming events for each of your meeting spaces in real-time to provide added value for your hosted events.

Virtual concierge

Virtual Concierge

Give Visitors intuitive, on-demand access to the types of information that can impact their overall experience at your facility.

Video walls

Video Walls

Utilize a variety of video wall configurations to deliver relevant promotional and event- specific information in an impactful way.



Leverage a combination of interactive, dynamic and mobile wayfinding applications to improve how visitors navigate your property.

Lobby experience

Lobby Experience

Use a combination of digital signage applications to capture your visitors’ attention and immerse them in the information they need.

Convention center

Advertising and Promotions

Drive ancillary revenue by offering your clients and partners unique, impactful advertising opportunities on your facility’s screens.

Key Product Features.

Mobile support

Mobile Support

Expand your property’s ability to connect with guests by including mobile applications in your overall communications strategy.

Live event broadcast

Live Event Broadcast

Stream events on large and small-format screens throughout your venue to ensure attendees don’t miss important moments or speeches.



Our wayfinding solution supports dynamic paths for multi-floor and multi-building locations, rendered in 2D or 3D perspectives.

Promote facility services

Promote Facility Services

Drive foot traffic and revenue to your facility’s services, including onsite restaurants, shipping centers, logistics offices and more.

Ease of use

Ease of Use

Our drag-and-drop interface simplifies digital content scheduling and management, regardless of how many endpoints you support.



Use our platform’s built-in touchscreen functionality to give your customers the types of immersive, intuitive experiences they expect.

Top Integrations.

Delivering real-time information on screens digital across your enterprise has never been easier. In addition to open-source integrations like SQL, RSS, JSON and more, we also have pre-configured adapters for data sources in every major industry:


Are you ready to drive your conference and event bookings? Our digital signage platform gives you the tools you need to exceed your clients' expectations and streamline multiple aspects of your convention center's daily operations. 

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Modern convention centers focus on providing a high-quality attendee experience as well as creating positive vendor relationships. Digital signage for convention centers helps with both of those goals, and more. Before implementing a digital signage system though, it’s important to know what the technology can do for your convention center—and how the right mix of digital signage solutions can impact your bottom line.


What can Digital Signage do for Convention Centers?


The first priority of convention center signage is communication. The less informed attendees are, the greater the chance of an unorganized and less impactful convention or expo experience. Digital signage can perform a variety of functions for convention centers that can streamline operations and keep things running smoothly. Here are a few examples of what digital signage can do for your convention center:


  • Display real-time schedule updates
  • Improve wayfinding
  • Provide a way for guests to engage with your venue by integrating your social media feeds
  • Create a mobile engagement strategy
  • Provide transit and traffic information for attendees
  • Integrate with emergency alert systems

And the list continues. It’s up to you to decide how to use digital signage in your convention center.


How can you use Digital Signage in Convention Centers?


The use of digital signage in convention centers spans across a variety of needs. As convention centers quickly become a category leader in the digital signage industry, they are continuously finding new ways to utilize the technology. The following are some of the most common means in which convention centers use digital signage:


  • Wayfinding
  • Engaging video walls
  • Event reader boards
  • Emergency messaging
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Social media displays
  • Conference room management
  • Menu boards
  • Live streaming event content
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Mobile applications



Benefits of Digital Signage in Convention Centers


Digital signage in convention centers can produce a variety of benefits for your clients, visitors, and ultimately, your bottom line. The following are some of the most tangible benefits:


  • Digital signage drives revenue through targeted advertising from exhibitors as well as outside vendors
  • Convention center signage helps create an organized and pleasant expo experience
  • Signs can promote your services and amenities
  • Convention signage creates a superior level of convenience
  • Attendees stay safe and informed with emergency messaging that can be updated in real-time along with other information such as transit and traffic updates


Digital signage is simply the smart solution for modern convention and event centers. The future of digital signage in convention centers is one of exponential growth.