With retail locations, food and beverage operations, event centers, gaming floors and more, integrated casino resorts are faced with many communication challenges. Our enterprise Visual Communications platform solves all of them.

Key Benefits






Top Use Cases.

Virtual concierge

Advertising and Promotions

Highlight your amenities and current promotions to maximize the use of your property’s resources and drive onsite spending.

Data visualization

Casino Operations

Improve operational efficiency with progressive slot meters, triggered jackpot celebrations, interactive gamefinder screens and more.

Lobby experience

Lobby Experience

Use large video walls and custom motion graphics to showcase your casino and create memorable, visually engaging experiences.

Employee communication

Employee Communications

Use digital signage to inform your workforce of upcoming guest arrivals, reinforce company values, recognize top performers and more.

Corporate meeting mgmt

Corporate Meeting Management

Display current and upcoming events for each of your meeting spaces in real-time to provide added value for your hosted events.

Virtual concierge


Integrate with your asset database to help your guests find their favorite games and maximize usage of your resort’s amenities.


MGM Resorts International Cashes in With Visual Communications

MGM Resorts International turned to FWI’s Digital Signage software to enhance the guest experience in 2008. See all the ways they’ve leveraged the platform to meet that goal, plus drive revenue across its Las Vegas properties.

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FWI’S software helps my company provide the most immersive and engaging experiences in Las Vegas. And that’s not an easy feat in this town.


Key Product Features.

Scheduling functionality

Scheduling Functionality

Powerful scheduling capabilities allow you to easily manage when content plays across multiple locations and display endpoints.

On demand event triggers


Take advantage of live event triggers and draw attention to jackpot celebrations the instant one of your guests becomes a winner.

Mobile support

Mobile Support

Expand your property’s ability to connect with guests by including mobile applications in your overall communications strategy.



Our wayfinding solution supports dynamic paths for multi-floor and multi-building locations, rendered in 2D or 3D perspectives.

Ease of use

Ease of Use

Our drag-and-drop interface simplifies digital content scheduling and management, regardless of how many endpoints you support.



Use our platform’s built-in touchscreen functionality to give your customers the types of immersive, intuitive experiences they expect.

Top Integrations.

Delivering real-time information on screens digital across your enterprise has never been easier. In addition to open-source integrations like SQL, RSS, JSON and more, we also have pre-configured adapters for data sources in every major industry:


You have a lot of information to convey. Leverage our enterprise digital signage platform to help you connect your visitors and staff to the information they need.

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 Digital Signage in the Casino Industry


In a tough market where everything is designed to grab a customer’s attention, how does casino signage get noticed and what role does it play? It’s much more than something to catch the attention of casino guests—which, designed correctly, digital signage can do—casino signage can serve a variety of functions from wayfinding to internal communications, menu boards and video walls.


What can Digital Signage do for the Casino Industry?

There are many moving parts to a casino and every space has room for digital signage. Digital signage can assist the casino industry like no other because it has a place in every area, including:


  • The casino floors
  • Event centers
  • Retail locations
  • Restaurants
  • Elevators and hallways
  • Convention centers


There are opportunities for digital signage installation around every turn and different benefits for each type of display. Where the technology is integrated will dictate exactly what it can do for your casino. The following are simply a few common benefits of casino digital signage:


  • Increased revenue
  • Improved guest satisfaction scores
  • Enhanced navigation capabilities leading to more traffic to your amenities
  • A more immersive and memorable lobby experience
  • Greater reach for advertising and promotions


Casino digital signage can be used in a variety of ways but it is critical you have a system that’s networked and connected so it can be managed from one platform.


How can you use Digital Signage in the Casino Industry?


Prior to an installation, casinos should be aware of exactly how the technology can facilitate their business. The following are a few ways casinos and gaming establishments typically use digital signage:


  • Integrations with guest loyalty programs
  • Live event promotions
  • Manage front and back-of-house communications with one platform
  • Interactive wayfinding with mobile capabilities
  • In-house amenity promotions and local advertising
  • Internal communications
  • Meeting room signage
  • Slot toppers
  • End caps
  • Video walls


This is just a small sample of the ways digital signage can improve the casino and gaming industry. There are many more applications and use cases yet to be discovered and leveraged.


Benefits of Digital Signage in the Casino Industry

The benefits to installing casino digital signage are virtually endless. Here are a few areas the technology is benefiting the casino industry the most:

Guest Experience

It begins in the lobby with large video walls and readerboards that engage and inform people on their journey through the casino. Virtual Concierge screens and wayfinding stations can guide people to different gaming areas or amenities on your property. Digital signage can even be used inside of the elevators and in the hallways for extra engagement. Casino signage sets the stage for creating a unique and customized guest experience.

Increase Revenue

Strategically placed digital signage can lead people into places where a casino may be selling higher-ticket items. It can be used as a virtual sales funnel on the casino floor to steer people into the direction of games that drive the most revenue.

Additionally, advertising can highlight amenities and local promotions to maximize the use of your casino’ resources and promote further onsite spending. If there is a digital display showing someone an excellent deal—and then exactly where to find it, chances are high they will seek it out through the sign’s suggestion.

Strengthened Communications

Digital signage serves to increase communications in both BOH and FOH operations. Internal displays can be utilized for training and expressing real-time data. Guest communications are streamlined through ease of use, amount of information available and the opportunity to use the signage in a variety of ways. Signage can also be a critical piece during emergencies and can be used to provide updates as they become available.

Digital signage in casinos is about function and practicality. There are a lot of things going on in the gaming environment so in order for this technology to stand out, it has to serve as an incredible convenience to whoever uses it. That includes guests, employees and vendors.