Arenas and Professional Sports.

Top professional sports franchises trust our enterprise digital signage platform to enhance the fan experience, increase revenue, improve operational efficiencies and streamline player and employee communications.

Key Benefits

Use one platform to manage all digital signage applications


From the concourse to the suite, drive consistent experiences


Integrate with data systems to optimize stadium operations

Top Use Cases.

Employee communication

Employee Communications

Use screens throughout your stadium to drive targeted, relevant messaging to players, management and other game-day employees.

Advertising and promotions

Advertising and Promotions

Drive sponsorship revenue by offering corporate partners unique, impactful advertising opportunities on your arena’s screens.



Leverage a combination of interactive, dynamic and mobile wayfinding applications to help fans safely navigate your stadium.

Lobby experience

Lobby Experience

Capture your visitors’ attention and deliver timely and impactful event-specific messaging as soon as they enter your facility.

Menu boards

Menu Boards

Use dynamic menu boards to increase concessions revenue, improve sell-through on promotional items and enhance the fan experience.

Employee communication

Performance Management

Integrate with your league’s data to display player statistics and give management the ability to make timely, informed decisions.

Key Product Features.



Use our single software platform to manage as many digital signage applications as you need—across as many screens as you have.

Fwi store

FWI Store

Get access to hundreds of configurable apps, templates, plugins and content pieces that make it easy to customize your network.


Tailored Experience

Easily switch the content on your screens to immerse your fans and event attendees in content that enhances their overall experience.

Robust product roadmap

Robust Product Roadmap

We never stop innovating. With quarterly platform improvements scheduled, you get unrivaled functionality today and into the future.

Ease of use

Ease of Use

Our drag-and-drop interface simplifies digital content scheduling and management, regardless of how many endpoints you support.



Use our platform’s built-in touchscreen functionality to give your customers the types of immersive, intuitive experiences they expect.

Top Integrations.

Delivering real-time information on screens digital across your enterprise has never been easier. In addition to open-source integrations like SQL, RSS, JSON and more, we also have pre-configured adapters for data sources in every major industry:


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Stadium digital signage is all about driving the fan experience, increasing revenue and streamlining operations. From facilitating staff communications to showing visitors exactly where they need to go, digital signage in arenas is a powerful tool that solves a number of challenges.


What can Digital Signage do for Arenas and the Professional Sports Industry?


There is a common idea that the progression of in-home technology has led to a slowdown in ticket sales. However, stadium and arena venues are making a comeback as more interesting and engaging forms of digital signage are being integrated into hi-tech arenas and sporting events.


Instead of simply attending a game, fans can engage with interactive displays, connect with social media campaigns and receive special deals from stadium vendors. The opportunities to use digital signage in the sports industry are endless and they are adding to engagement, entertainment and ultimately, the bottom line for organizations that are leveraging it effectively.


How can you use Digital Signage in the Professional Sports Industry?


The main advantage of stadium digital signage is that it can connect your network into one easily manageable platform for all arena applications. From digital message boards to wayfinding, video walls and menu screens, our digital signage platform makes it easy to streamline processes. The following are simply a few ways in which arenas and the sports industry are utilizing digital signage to the fullest effect:


  • Fan engagement
  • Wayfinding
  • Video walls
  • Interactive kiosks
  • VIP club level displays
  • Menu boards
  • Reader boards
  • Live-feeds of the game
  • Social Engagement
  • Lobby experience
  • Employee communications
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Data visualization

The idea is that this type of technology is pulling fans back into the stadiums and making it that much more fun to attend a game. With digital signage, guests miss nothing while waiting in line for concessions and can even engage with social media while purchasing from vendors.


Benefits of Digital Signage in Arenas and the Professional Sports Industry


There are plenty of benefits afforded by stadium digital signage, but the idea is that it drives consistent experiences for everyone in attendance. From the concourse to the suite, fans will all feel like they are directly engaged with the game through digital signage technology.


Signage for stadiums also optimizes operations by integrating all of the data systems and applications within the arena into one easily manageable platform. With every digital signage application united under one powerful software platform, you’ll be able to simplify and streamline communications throughout your arena.


Lastly, there is a financial advantage to installing digital signage in stadiums. The ability to engage with customers while they stand in line for vendors leaves ample opportunity for advertising. Deals can be displayed that can download to a fan’s smartphone via QR codes and they can then use the coupon when they get to the register. Plus, with screen synchronization and triggered moments of exclusivity, stadiums can attract and retain high-value sponsorship partners.


Arenas and other sporting venues are using digital signage to facilitate operations in a variety of ways. From fan wayfinding to vendor advertising and lush video walls to menu boards for concession stands, the technology can be applied in a variety of ways. Ultimately, it enhances the fan experience and entices fans to return. Additionally, the same screens can be instantly updated to engage concertgoers and other event attendees when the arena is used outside of the team’s season.