Airlines & Airports.

Improve every aspect of your overall passenger experience with purpose-built digital signage applications. From FIDs, BIDs and GIDs through wayfinding, advertising and more—we have the solutions your customers expect.

Key Benefits

Improve airport operations and employee communications 


Power your FIDS, directories and wayfinding signage with one platform


Leverage real-time data updates and preset event triggers

Top Use Cases.

Virtual concierge

Passenger Information

Integrate with your data systems to provide passengers with real-time updates on the status of their flights, baggage and gates.

Data visualization

Video Walls

Utilize a variety of video wall configurations to deliver high-impact passenger and promotional information.



Leverage interactive, dynamic and mobile wayfinding applications to improve how passengers navigate your facility.



Include interactive directories throughout your facility to improve how passengers find the information they need.

Advertising and promotions

Advertising and Promotions

Drive ancillary revenue by offering your sponsorship partners impactful advertising opportunities on your facility’s screens.

Virtual concierge

Employee Communications

Use employee-facing screens to increase engagement, reinforce company values, recognize top performers and more.

Airlines & Airports

BOS Improves the Passenger Experience with Visual Communications

See how Boston Logan uses digital signage to enhance communication consistency, boost concession revenue and improve the passenger experience.

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Key Product Features.

Mobile support

Mobile Support

Expand your property’s ability to connect with guests by including mobile applications in your overall communications strategy.



Our wayfinding solution supports dynamic paths for multi-floor and multi-building locations, rendered in 2D or 3D perspectives.

User workflow

User Workflow

Enable multiple people and departments to contribute and edit content, ensuring only relevant information displays on your screens. 

Robust scheduling

Robust Scheduling

Powerful scheduling capabilities allow you to easily manage localized content across thousands of solutions and endpoints.

Ease of use

Ease of Use

Our drag-and-drop interface simplifies digital content scheduling and management, regardless of how many endpoints you support.

Emergency messaging

Emergency Messaging

Integrate with your emergency alert system to automatically deploy relevant safety content to every screen on your campus within your airport.

Top Integrations.

Delivering real-time information on screens digital across your enterprise has never been easier. In addition to open-source integrations like SQL, RSS, JSON and more, we also have pre-configured adapters for data sources in every major industry:


Find out how our single digital signage platform can streamline multiple aspects of your overall passenger experience.

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Leveraging digital signage for airports and airlines enhances the passenger experience and streamlines daily operations. Modern airports need dynamic content to convey the sheer amount of information they deal with every day. Airport digital signage is the best way to communicate in a busy environment—making your traveler information, wayfinding and flight information more impactful.


What can Digital Signage do for the Airline Industry?

Airport display boards have been around since flight information and scheduling started being posted, but the way that information is presented has changed. With the rise of technology and computer programming, signage in airports has now gone digital and thus the use cases for digital signage have expanded.


Whether it is a self-check-in kiosk for travelers, real-time flight displays, a menu board at the local restaurant, employye communications screens, meeting room signage or wayfinding at an elevator bank, the primary goal of airport digital signage is simply to make things easier.


How can you use Digital Signage in the Airline Industry?


There is an incredible amount of activity going on in an airport, making airport digital a necessity.


Activities exist on a time schedule and people need to know where they are going and how to get there. Fast. Here are some common ways airlines and airports are using digital signage to streamline operations:


  • Flight Information Display System (FIDS)
  • Baggage Information Display (BID)
  • Gate Information Display (GID)
  • Video Walls
  • Wayfinding
  • Directories
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Passenger Information
  • Self-Check-In Kiosks
  • Internal Communications

Due to the diversity of use cases for digital signage, it comes as no surprise that there are countless benefits as well.


Benefits of Digital Signage in the Airline Industry


From improving the passenger experience and boosting the use of facility amenities to streamlining daily operations and more, digital signage for airports is invaluable in today’s digital world.


Maximize Dwell Time


The Airports Council International of North America (ACI-NA) reported that global airport dwell time is an average of 137 minutes. That leaves over two hours of advertising opportunities that airports and airlines can benefit from.

Still, 47% of the dwell time is found to be wasted, meaning airports are still missing a large portion of time to use their digital signage for advertising.


Expediting Travel


Wayfinding, self-service kiosks, reader boards and FIDs are all ways that airport digital signage can expedite travel. And each of these solutions can be placed strategically throughout a concourse or entire airport to help travelers along the way. And by integrating with various airport systems, you can ensure that no matter if passengers are looking at one of your GIDs, BIDs or wayfinding screens, they’ll be met with accurate, real-time information.


Targeted Communications

An airport is a hub for critical data that must be given to the right people at the right time. Therefore, displaying real-time information across your airport is critical to the passenger experience. Cancelled flights, gate changes and emergency situations can all be communicated immediately to targeted audiences in the airport.

Signage has always been a necessity for airports and airlines, but digital signage takes it to another level. Interactive displays put the power back in the hands of the traveler, alleviates resources and facilitates operations. Airport digital signage also drives revenue through targeted marketing and ultimately, creates a more enjoyable passenger experience.