Campus Communications with Emergency Messaging

Flexible campus-wide communications with emergency messaging capabilities are a key priority for colleges and universities. FWI helps you communicate more effectively across your campus and integrates with emergency messaging systems, providing the solution you need.

Key Benefits


Deliver consistent communications at campus-wide scale, while making it easy to allow users from different departments to contribute content to digital bulletin boards.

Improve recruitment by using your signage to welcome prospective students and highlight unique aspects of your campus or programs.
Promote events, programs, and services, driving engagement during school-sponsored events and events held by organizations.

Our Visual Communications network is growing at an incredible rate because of how flexible the FWI software platform is. The network has undergone a significant expansion and shows no signs of slowing down.


Your Campus Communications Solution

Easy Content Scheduling

Our platform enables you to schedule when and where your content is deployed in advance, easing the burden on your IT and communications teams while also helping you reach your audience in more meaningful ways.

Campus-wide Scalability

The FWI platform is designed to meet the needs of a large campus with multiple locations, delivering tailored content to each screen as needed.

Effective Student Communications

Today’s students are digital natives. By delivering information digitally, you’re communicating with students in the way that’s the most effective for them.

Hosted Infrastructure

Our cloud-hosted model provides a lower upfront cost while minimizing ongoing maintenance, facilities, and staffing expenses.

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The Value You Receive

Modernize Your Campus

Create a modern and digitally integrated campus to improve the way you communicate with current students and drive prospect enrollment for potential students visiting campus.

Effectively Communicate During Emergencies

FWI integrates with your emergency alert system to automatically deploy relevant safety content to every screen on your campus, ensuring that your critical messaging has a broader reach.

Drive Campus Community

Promote campus events, services, and activities on your digital signage to drive engagement among students and faculty and create a sense of community.

What You Get



Our platform is backed by a full set of information security policies and procedures that include, but are not limited to, incident response, Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC), cryptographic security, change management, and access control.

Screen Takeover


Our platform enables you to automatically deploy content to every screen in your network during an emergency, helping ensure your emergency messaging content has the broadest reach possible.

Data Delivery


Our industry-leading integration tools will automatically update content on your signage with live data from your 3rd party systems to ensure content remains relevant.



Enable students to interact with maps and access directional information to familiarize themselves with your campus and help them find their way around.

Content Contribution


FWI Cloud gives you advanced user and device permissions that enable selected employees to contribute content to your screens—all from their mobile device.



Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you solve any issues that come up at any time of day.​

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Today’s students are digital natives. Tomorrow’s will be too. And they expect seamless, digital communications. Our digital signage platform delivers that.