Digital Menu Boards

To remain competitive in today’s market, it’s critical to create visual appeal from the moment customers enter your space—and digital restaurant menus are a modern and effective way to do just that. Our digital menu board software makes it easy to create the modern look and feel guests expect, plus dynamically add and remove menu items, drive revenue with promotions, and showcase your brand.

Key Reasons to Use Electronic Menu Boards

Why use digital restaurant menus over paper menus and promotional posters? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using digital menu board software.


Integrate with your Point-of-Sale system to dynamically display availability, pricing, and changes to menu items without having to manually update your digital restaurant menu.


Create an immersive customer experience to differentiate your restaurant from competitors by displaying engaging, customized content on electronic menu boards.


Gain the flexibility you need to rotate promotional offers, feature new items, and increase your average sale size with FWI’s digital menu board software.

MGM Resorts International used dynamic pricing in select food and beverage outlets and saw incremental savings of $100,000 a month due to the reduction in menu printing costs.

Your Digital Menu Board Solution

FWI’s digital menu board software makes it easy to communicate the information that customers need to know. Here are the benefits of our electronic menu board solution.


When you run out of an item or make a change to your menu, re-printing and distributing menus is costly and time consuming. The FWI digital restaurant menu solution integrates with your PoS system to dynamically update your menu, keeping customers and staff informed of menu changes at all times.


By implementing our electronic menu board solution throughout one or more restaurant locations, you’re giving customers the modern, engaging, personalized experience that they expect—plus keeping up with industry trends.


For restaurants with multiple locations, our digital menu board software can be centrally managed to keep a unified brand look and feel across all locations, while ensuring that the right information gets to the right place depending on variations in local menus.

Scalable Across Multiple Locations

The FWI digital restaurant menu solution is built with large franchises and chains in mind—designed to meet your needs today, plus grow with your business into the future, regardless of the number of digital menu boards or locations you have.

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The Value You Receive

Digital restaurant menus are the best way to create the modern, engaging experience that guests increasingly expect. Learn how you can add value to your restaurant by leveraging FWI’s digital menu board software.

Increase Upsell Rate

Boost revenue by using your electronic menu boards to drive food and drink sales, advertise new menu items, and target guests with promotions based on local trends.

Build Loyalty

The FWI digital restaurant menu solution enables you to build customer loyalty and enhance the guest experience by showcasing your brand and engaging guests with targeted content.

Create a Modern Look and Feel

Leverage digital menu boards to create the type of modern aesthetic your customers expect while also gaining the ability to better display your menu items across one or more locations.

What You Get Out of Our Digital Menu Board Software

Your digital menu board software should be easy to learn, easy to update, easy to scale, and help improve your restaurant’s bottom line. Here’s what your electronic menu board solution should provide.



Schedule the content on your digital restaurant menus to automatically rotate to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu based on the day of week or time of day.

Content Anywhere


FWI Cloud gives you access to an intuitive mobile interface that makes it easy to make changes to your electronic menu boards on-the-fly from anywhere.

Professional Services


Gain access to our extensive professional services offerings, including digital signage design, ongoing signage network management and optimization, and more.

Multiple Platform Support


For facilities with services outside of food and beverage, our digital signage platform can be leveraged for multiple use cases along with electronic menu boards, including employee comms signs, wayfinding screens, lobby entertainment, and more.



Our built-in integrations allow you to dynamically update the cost and availability of menu items from your PoS in real-time, ensuring your digital restaurant menus are always up to date.



Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you solve any issues that come up with your digital menu board software at any time of day.

Watch how the Hilton Union Square Drives Revenue Through Cross-Promoting on its Digital Restaurant Menus

Competition is everywhere, and if you aren’t investing in technology to drive customers to revenue centers, you’re losing out on potential business. Learn how the Hilton San Francisco Union Square leveraged electronic menu boards to drive more business to its food and beverage outlets.

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