Digital Bulletin Boards

Colleges and universities need a way to communicate news, events, or any critical information to everyone on campus—and digital bulletin boards are a modern and effective way to do just that. FWI’s digital bulletin board software is designed to make communicating with students, faculty, and visitors on your campus easier, faster, and more engaging.

Key Reasons to Use Digital Message Boards

Why use electronic bulletin boards over more traditional methods of communicating throughout your campus? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using digital bulletin board software on college and university campuses.


Remotely update the content on digital bulletin boards from anywhere, making it quicker and easier to make changes to any screen on your network.


Leverage multiple different content types on your electronic bulletin boards, adding an additional layer of visual intrigue to your campus communications.


Capture the attention of students, employees, and visitors with engaging content, improving awareness of events, programs, or anything else happening on your campus.

Your Digital Bulletin Board Solution

FWI’s electronic bulletin board software makes it easy and effective to communicate on your campus with digital signage. Here’s what’s included in our digital message board solution.

Effectively communicate

Most colleges and universities today rely on multi-channel communications strategies to engage their students and faculty—including digital signage, Intranet, email, mobile devices, and more. FWI’s digital bulletin board solution integrates with each of those channels, allowing you to reiterate key messages across multiple communications channels to ensure the info is received, and the desired actions are taken.

Mobile content management

FWI Cloud makes it easy to enable multiple departments to contribute content to electronic bulletin boards throughout your campus. FWI Cloud is designed to be mobile-first, letting you make content changes on the fly—regardless of whether or not you’re currently on campus—as well as monitor the rest of your digital signage and quickly catch any disruptions on your signage network.

Pre-Built Integrations

The FWI platform has pre-configured adapters for a variety of data sources, including emergency alert systems like Rave and Everbridge, scheduling solutions like EMS and 25 Live, plus social media integrations and more, allowing you to seamlessly push dynamic information to any screen on your campus—and ensuring that the content on your digital bulletin boards is always up-to-date and relevant.

Campus-Wide Scalability

FWI’s digital signage platform is designed to meet the needs of a large college or university with multiple buildings or campuses, plus scale with you as your campus expands, delivering localized content to each electronic bulletin board that is tailored to the needs of each location—without requiring additional users to manage the expanded network.

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The Value You Receive with Electronic Bulletin Boards

Campus-wide digital bulletin boards are a critical part of communicating with students, faculty, and visitors for many colleges and universities. Learn how FWI’s digital bulletin board software can add value and contribute to campus-wide goals at your university.

Update Content Easily

FWI Cloud simplifies the process of updating your digital message boards and enables communications staff to update content on-the-fly when things change—all via a mobile device.

Modernize Your Campus

Create a modern and digitally integrated campus to improve the way you communicate with current students and drive prospect enrollment for potential students visiting campus.

Cut Through The Noise

Electronic bulletin boards helps you cut through the noise of everyday communications and ensure that the content you want to deliver is received in an engaging, easy to consume way.

West Virginia University Utilizes the FWI Software Platform to Create a Centralized School Digital Signage System

Learn how West Virginia University is leveraging FWI’s digital bulletin board software to modernize communications and reach their students, faculty, and staff in a more effective way.

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Our Visual Communications network is growing at an incredible rate because of how flexible the FWI software platform is. The network has undergone a significant expansion and shows no signs of slowing down.


What You Get with Our Digital Bulletin Board Software

Your campus digital signage software should be easy to learn, easy to update, help you solve an array of problems, and help improve your college or university’s bottom line. Here’s what your electronic bulletin board software should provide.

Emergency Messaging

Emergency Messaging

Our platform enables you to automatically deploy content to every digital bulletin board in your network during an emergency, helping ensure your emergency messaging content has the broadest reach possible.


Built-in security

FWI’s digital message board platform is backed by a full set of information security policies and procedures that include, but are not limited to, incident response, Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC), cryptographic security, change management, access control, and more.

Visual Mapping 2

Visual Mapping

Help your students, faculty, and visitors better navigate your campus and find the location of their next class, event, or any other location with customized, interactive campus maps and building floor plans.



Empower non-technical content contributors to easily customize and publish common applications and Ready to Use content within FWI Cloud, removing the need for advanced application authoring skills and making it easier than ever to keep your screens updated with fresh, relevant content.

Multiple Platform Support

Multiple Platform Support

Get the ability to build and deploy any type of student or faculty-facing digital signage application you need in the future, ensuring you can always meet the needs of your students and faculty.


24/7 Support

We’re here to help when you need it. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you solve any issues that come up at any time of day.

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Are you ready to start using digital bulletin boards to improve communications throughout your campus—including your student union, sports facilities, study rooms, and more? We’re ready to show you how our platform can power your campus-wide digital signage network.