Improve office space utilization & support a hybrid work model.

Today’s workplace is perfectly designed for a world that no longer exists. With the SmartSpace facility management software, your employees gain control over where they work through hoteling office space, while your business gains the space utilization metrics you need to control real estate costs moving forward.

Key Reasons to Use SmartSpace’s Hoteling Office Space Software

The role of the office has changed, and organizations need a new approach to managing office space—one that enables employee collaboration, connection, and productivity. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of implementing facility management software in your office.


Adapt to changing workplace needs and support a hybrid work model by enabling social distancing, contact tracing, and contactless space reservation with our office hoteling software.


Empower your workforce to reserve meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, and desks in hoteling office spaces on the fly or in advance via their personal mobile devices.


Optimize your real estate investment and generate savings by leveraging space reservation and utilization metrics with our facilities management software.

How a Global Bank is Reimagining the Role of the Workplace After COVID-19

As a leading international financial organization, this global bank strives to help people and businesses prosper across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Find out how SmartSpace helps them do that by reimagining the future of the workplace and supporting a hybrid work model with our office hoteling software.

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The Value You Receive With an Office Hoteling Software Solution

Implementing hoteling office space is a critical part of supporting a hybrid work model. Learn how our facilities management software can help you reimagine your workplace for the future of work.

Workplace Usage Insights

Gain insight into space utilization and occupancy data with the SmartSpace office hoteling software, helping you understand how your space is being used, optimize your real estate investment, drive productivity, and improve space utilization.

Easy Desk & Room Booking

Our user-friendly hoteling office space software makes it easy for employees to find open desks and meeting rooms, then book the resources they need—enabling employees to work where they want while giving your business the ability to easily support a hybrid work model.

Flexibility to Adapt to Change

Gain the flexibility to adapt to workspace needs with our facilities management software. Whether you’re reconfiguring your space, expanding your current office, or adding new locations, our hoteling office space software is built to adapt to your business needs.

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Transform Your Workplace Into a Magnet for Employee Collaboration & Connection

Organizations need a new approach to how they utilize the workplace—one that creates an employee experience that enables collaboration, connection, and productivity. It’s time to put employees at the center of the workplace experience by providing the tools and resources they need to be productive, engaged, and drive business results. With SmartSpace’s hoteling office space software, you get:

  • Simplified, intuitive desk and meeting room booking
  • Robust support for omnichannel employee communications
  • Powerful analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Seamless IOT sensor integrations

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Managing Your Workplace Has Never Been Easier

SmartSpace’s hoteling office space software makes it easy to support a hybrid work model and provide employees the resources they need to be safe and productive in the workplace. Here are the benefits of our facilities management software.

Contact Tracing Capabilities

Our contact tracing capabilities give you access to detailed reports of where and when employees reserved a desk or meeting room, as well as control over which resources are available, enabling you to close spaces as needed.


By implementing our office hoteling software throughout one or more locations, you’re giving employees a modern, engaging, flexible workplace experience—plus giving them more control over where and how they work.


Our flexible hoteling office space software enables you to align your teams with the spaces and resources they need to be most productive while in the office, supporting a hybrid work model.


Our facilities management software solutions are designed to integrate with your existing systems and scale with your company, regardless of how many desks, meeting rooms, floors, or locations you have.

Key Features of SmartSpace Hoteling Office Space Software

With hoteling office space software, you can get the flexibility you need to more effectively manage your space and support a hybrid work model. Take a look at some of the features of our facilities management software.

Meeting Room


SmartSpace enables employees to easily and instantly book conference rooms or other shared workspaces from their desktop, mobile device, or at each room’s digital sign.

Desk Reserrve


Our office hoteling software helps you support a hybrid work model by empowering employees to reserve desks in advance or on the fly.



Put intuitive point-to-point wayfinding and resource booking tools in the palm of employees’ hands with our flexible facilities management software.

Health & Safety Tools


Track social distancing, automate sanitation schedules, monitor capacity, and gain contact tracing capabilities with the SmartSpace hoteling office space software.



Gain insight from real-time occupancy maps and utilization data, empowering you to make data-driven real estate decisions over time and continue to support a changing hybrid work model.



Utilize occupancy sensors in meeting rooms, hoteling office spaces, exit and entrance points, and more to bridge the gap between space reservation data and actual space utilization.

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We’re here to help you make your workplace a venue for collaboration—a place employees want to work, one that gives them the flexibility to choose where they work from—while also allowing you to enable social distancing and better track space utilization. Please contact us to learn more about transforming your workplace and supporting a hybrid work model with our facilities management software.