Hardware Services

From simple configuration to more complex design packages, Four Winds Interactive offers a wide variety of services to help you with your hardware needs.

ACT (Assembly Configuration and Testing)

(Assembly Configuration and Testing) Ideal for complex solutions. Have our hardware experts set up your entire solution here in our staging area to verify each individual hardware component and ensure optimal performance in the field. This service is an outstanding way to preemptively identify potential pitfalls, limitations and areas for improvement to set you up for success in the future.


Get a hardware expert involved with design, prescoping and quoting to get the best recommendations for your desired use case. Involvement can be as limited or extensive as you desire with 3 tiers of service: Basic, Enhanced, and Comprehensive. Services range anywhere from speaking with you and your team to discuss what your primary goals and objectives are, while providing hardware recommendations to accommodate these, to an onsite visit with various measurements and observations of your space including ambient light and temperature readings to ensure hardware sustainability, networks speeds at various endpoints, and hardware recommendations to maximize impact and delivery of your message.

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Gain maximum understanding of the impact of choosing Four Winds as your Visual Communications provider. Detailed CAD renderings of various hardware recommendations all put in your 3D rendered space. Similar to AV Design, choose our level of involvement with 3 tiers: Basic, Enhanced, and Comprehensive. CAD drawings can range from 2D spec sheets of a desired hardware solution to a full 3D walkthrough of your space with our signage in place. An exceptional way to visualize how a new or remodeled space will look with measurements that are 100% accurate to your location.

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Media Player Requirements

Want to use your own Media Players? Check out FWI’s Recommended System Specifications sheet. The sheet lists out system specifications based on difficulty of your signage content needs.

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PC Configuration

Ensure your Content Player PC is optimized to function at its best with our Content Player software. Optimized Windows image with necessary 3rd party software, codecs, and system enhancements. Plug and play setup upon hardware arrival onsite including IP assignments, necessary ports opened for utilized features and customized host names. Content Player software will also be set up to our best practices with software licensed, cloud or ftp credentials loaded and content preloaded if available.

RMM Remote Management and Monitoring

Introducing the Four Winds Interactive Remote Monitoring Management service. It’s the easiest way to proactively monitor your Visual Communications network. This suite of tools: alerts our technical staff of any issue; provides intelligent identification and automated issue remediation; handles application and operating system log analysis; and even has custom dashboards and reporting solutions.

This service operates around the clock all year long and is ideal for organizations with mission critical solutions or large Visual Communications networks. Remote Monitoring Management clients appreciate early identification of potential issues, a fast return to service, efficient daily operations, uptime and performance reporting, and reduced support times.

Our Remote Monitoring Management service gives us the chance to identify and fix potential issues before they become a problem. Simply put, it keeps your network operating at peak performance—and you never have to think twice about it.

Warranties, Certifications, & Requirements

We understand that your Visual Communications solution is an integral part of your business and prolonged downtimes aren’t an option. That’s why we offer hardware service options that are designed to work in conjunction with a manufacturer’s warranty, but circumvent the long turnaround times typically associated with that coverage.

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We’re here to help you develop digital signage solutions that drive results.

Contact us with your questions.

We’re here to collaborate and help you develop Visual Communications solutions that drive results.