AV Equipment & Peripherals

Four Winds Interactive can integrate with several types of peripherals that offer our end users many unique features when using FWI’s powerful software platform.

Audio Speakers

Brown Innovations

Model Downloads
CT 24-24 Brochure
SB-24 SonicBeam Brochure
SB-47 SonicBeam Brochure

Power and Filtering

Xtreme Power Conversion

Model Downloads
J40-PDU and J40-PDU-REMOTE Brochure

TV Options


Model Downloads
HD‐PVR‐2 Brochure
Win TV-HVR-Q955Q Brochure

Visionary Solutions, Inc

Model Downloads
MPP1700 Brochure
AVN441 Setup / Configuration Brochure
MPP 200 Brochure
AVN441 IPTV Encoder Spec Brochure

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