Navigating Your Wayfinding Options

Which wayfinding option is right for you?

Leverage a variety of wayfinding applications to improve how people navigate your property.

While there are multiple reasons people seek out digital wayfinding signage solutions, there is one main motivation. And it spans across every industry—from corporate offices and airports through hotels, casinos and more: when in an unfamiliar setting, people want intuitive access to directions.

Give it to them.

  • Our powerful routing algorithm can display the shortest path between points or show multiple paths if needed.
  • Use variable-defined locations to simplify things when route or sign location changes are required.
  • Leverage numerous path and end point formats to create an immersive user experience.

Get the Right Wayfinding Solution for Your Specific Challenges

There isn’t a universal wayfinding application capable of meeting the needs of every industry and use case; however, there is an ideal solution for your organization. With multiple wayfinding applications available, a comprehensive, purpose-built solution gives you exactly what you need. Which combination of applications will you choose?


Interactive Wayfinding

Available in 3D and 2D configurations built to span multi-floor and multi-building properties, interactive wayfinding solutions give your target audience the ability to find point-by-point directions, animated pathways, written directions and more—directly from the screen.


Dynamic Wayfinding

Ideal for large properties where visitors are unlikely to return to the lobby for directions, dynamic wayfinding makes it easy to see what events are happening as well as where they are located. As events change, the directory and corresponding map beacons automatically update.


Static Wayfinding

Improve how your target audience moves through your space. Deployed at key intersections and convergent points, static wayfinding applications like directional arrows and property maps with current location indicators can be an integral part of your overall property navigation strategy.

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