What Clients Are Saying About FWI Cloud

How to get more value out of your digital signage network.

Find out how some of our customers from all industries are leveraging FWI Cloud to get the most value out of their digital signage network.

In today’s digital-first world, “the Cloud” is everywhere. You probably use it every day—when you watch TV on your preferred streaming services, when you open your favorite mobile apps, and when you log into your social media accounts. Everyone is using “the Cloud” and innovating with it—including FWI. We believe that Cloud communications are the future, and digital signage is no exception to that. That’s why we built FWI Cloud.

We’ve talked a lot about what our cloud digital signage system is, and how it makes managing your digital signage network easy. We’ve also talked about some of the perceived risks of migrating to a cloud-based platform. The benefits of FWI Cloud are clear—it’s something our clients talk about frequently. So we reached out to a few clients—from all industries—to hear how FWI Cloud has helped them get more value out of their digital signage networks. We found the value our clients receive typically falls into three categories—the ability to easily scale, quantify business impact, and improve the experience for customers and employees. Enough talk. Let’s get into what our customers are actually saying about FWI Cloud, starting with the ability to scale.

How FWI Cloud Helps Customers Scale Their Signage Network

FWI Cloud is designed for flexible, dynamic, enterprise-class communications. With FWI Cloud, managing hundreds or even thousands of screens across a variety of locations is easy—regardless of your technical ability. Continue reading to learn how some of our enterprise customers have taken advantage of the scalability of FWI Cloud to drive more value for their business.

Ferguson: As a top wholesale reseller of commercial and residential plumbing supplies, Ferguson needed a digital signage network that would not only improve engagement with customers and employees, but also make it easy to scale its network nationwide. Not only does Ferguson now manage over 1,000 screens with FWI Cloud, the inherent flexibility of our Cloud-based digital signage platform enables Ferguson to communicate with two key audiences—both of which require different content. Today, Ferguson displays employee-specific messaging to its in-store employees prior to opening for the public, enabling the company to communicate organizational goals, quarterly readouts and company culture messaging to every employee. And when the store is open, the screens can be updated to display customer-facing content including personalized welcome messaging, point-of-sale advertising, and cross promotional content. This combination of scalability and flexibility makes it easy for the business to effectively communicate with both of its most important audiences across the nation, using the same screens.  

HHS: HHS, (formerly Hospital Housekeeping Systems), needed a digital signage platform that made it easy to display localized content for employees across its 500 partner locations. With scalability in mind, HHS selected FWI Cloud to replace its legacy signage provider, drastically improving its digital signage management capabilities, plus gaining access to key data integrations that automate and localize aspects of its content mix. With FWI Cloud, the company can localize content for its partner locations, more meaningfully connecting its employees to the business metrics and engagement content that drive performance and retention. 

How Clients are Realizing Tangible Business Impact From FWI Cloud

Talking about the value of a solution is one thing, but it’s important to be able to quantify value with a tangible outcome. While the FWI platform was built to make communications easier and more effective, the ultimate goal is to create a tangible business impact. Our customers are using FWI Cloud to not only solve a variety of challenges across different industries, but also drive desired outcomes. Below are a few ways our largest customers realize tangible business impact from FWI Cloud, and how they’re measuring that impact.

Ferguson: Ferguson needed a digital signage platform that would help them solve the network uptime challenges they faced with a previous provider. After switching to FWI Cloud, Ferguson was able to measure their uptime improvement and saw a 25% increase in network uptime and $310,000 in hardware savings. FWI Cloud not only notified the Ferguson team when a device went offline, but also saved them time by making it easy to monitor and manage any device—all on the fly, from their mobile phone. With improved uptime, Ferguson can now be confident that it’s employee and customer engagement messaging is being displayed and has a greater impact on the business.

The Hilton San Francisco Union Square: The Hilton San Francisco Union Square initially approached FWI to help them solve challenges related to wayfinding, menu boards and meeting room signage, but they also wanted to drive additional revenue by winning more high-margin event business. After switching to FWI Cloud, the property gained the ability to easily create personalized welcome experiences for event planners, win more site visits, and even sell digital branding experiences for client events. In one year, the hotel generated a 60% ROI on its signage network and has seen a 40% annual increase in branding package sales. The property’s sales and marketing teams now rely on FWI Cloud to win more event business, upsell branding packages, and deliver memorable event experiences for their clients.   

How Cloud Improves Customer and Employee Experiences

According to Forbes, employee experience is a top priority for 92% of HR leaders in 2021. Delivering tangible business outcomes is still a critical part of success, but it’s equally as important to ensure that employees have the best possible end-to-end experience. Focusing on employee experience not only helps companies attract and retain top talent, but it also directly impacts customer experience and helps to differentiate your business from competitors. Our clients use FWI Cloud to improve both the customer and employee experience by delivering eye-catching, customized communications with their digital signage.

Pax8: Pax8, a leading Cloud distribution company, is dedicated to building the best possible company culture. With FWI Cloud, Pax8 was able to combine KPI and employee communications applications to help reinforce its culture, drive sales performance and create the modern, connected office experience that employees increasingly expect.

“From the variety of services as well as the custom-built and pre-built applications we’ve leveraged, I couldn’t be happier with the flexibility and scalability of FWI’s platform.” – Nick Heddy, CRO

Island Resort & Casino: When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the hospitality industry, Island Resort & Casino had to quickly adjust their content strategy to display health and safety messaging, inform guests about social distancing and mask requirements, and adhere to local and federal guidelines. With FWI Cloud, Island Resort & Casino was able to rapidly respond to the pandemic and update digital signage content on the fly, ensuring that guests felt safe when returning to the property.

Because of its enterprise scalability, capacity to deliver tangible business impact, and ability to improve the customer and employee experience, FWI Cloud enables companies to consistently meet the expectations of their target audience and deliver more value at scale. Interested in learning more about how our customers have leveraged the FWI platform to drive business value? This article was just a preview. Read our guide on delivering value with enterprise-class communications to learn how clients like Western Union, Delta Air Lines and MGM Resorts are driving business outcomes and maximizing ROI from the FWI platform. Get the full story here. And when you’re ready to work with the best digital signage company around, let us know.

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