Visual Communications Drive Results Across Modern-Day Mercantile Enterprise

Improving the customer & employee experience.

This modern-day mercantile is a growing upscale retailer with 30 locations specializing in products for the ranch, home and outdoors.


With the customer experience as a key factor in the brand’s success, this retailer had long been interested in implementing Visual Communications throughout its stores. After a failed digital signage pilot program in 2011, this ranch and home retailer approached Four Winds Interactive because the potential benefits of a properly implemented Visual Communications solution were clear.

Realizing that FWI’s software platform could be leveraged for more than just improving the customer experience and increasing sales, the retailer also wanted breakroom signage that focused on employee training and other internal communication initiatives. While the messaging for each of those applications required a unique approach, both had to provide an immersive, engaging and interactive experience for the intended audience.


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The Challenge:

The disappointing execution of the competitor’s pilot program placed a high level of scrutiny on FWI’s solution.

The executive team believed that a digital signage network could be invaluable, but the first experience left them skeptical. Given an opportunity in a single store, FWI needed to prove that Visual Communications could drive measurable results.

The home and ranch retailer needed its Visual Communications network to enhance the customer shopping experience, increase revenue and improve employee engagement. The physical screens as well as the content displayed on them also had to fit into the carefully curated atmosphere. Finally, the content management system had to enable simple and flexible content creation and deployment in order to enable prompt response in the ever-changing retail environment.


The Solution:

In the test location, the retailer placed 13 screens across all departments to showcase relevant product information, promotions, community support, store manager profiles and other branded content.

The modern-day mercantile chain also put a screen in the employee breakroom that displayed live data from various content sources. Additionally, that screen displayed new employee profiles, non-profit event notifications, product and sales training information, employee onboarding and more.

Used as endcaps as well as wall-mounted displays, each screen on the sales floor had a custom wood enclosure, blending the signs in to the overall aesthetic. FWI’s platform enabled the retailer’s team to easily schedule and deploy tailored content to each endpoint. Due to that flexibility, the retail chain was able to highlight specific products during key sales timeframes, and in turn, customers could more easily find and learn about featured products. Additionally, suppliers were willing to invest cooperative marketing budgets to earn the in-store visibility.


The Results

After successfully vetting FWI’s Visual Communications platform, the retailer began implementing the solution across its enterprise.

Today, 23 of its 30 retail locations have customer-facing screens dedicated to improving the shopping experience and increasing revenue. Due to the resounding success of its break room communication initiative, all 30 locations, plus the corporate headquarters, now have employee-facing screens that help with workforce engagement and retention.

Added Benefits


Maximize Marketing Budgets

This home and ranch retailer offers suppliers unique in-store advertising opportunities that leverage cooperative marketing budgets to increase product visibility while customers are shopping.


Increased Sales

During a test period, this retailer saw incremental sales growth of featured products and brands of up to 122%.


Improve Employee Engagement

All employees within the retail chain enterprise now have access to important business information and corporate engagement initiatives via employee-facing screens.

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