The Benefits of a Virtual Concierge System

Make it easy for your guests to find what they need.

Today, your guests expect seamless, personalized experiences. They also expect to be able to find information on-demand, via an intuitive interface. Deliver on those expectations with a virtual concierge system.

Leveraging a Virtual Concierge

Throughout the years, guests and customers have come to expect excellent customer service while in an establishment, and between mobile devices, tablets, and digital signage, modern consumers also have a growing desire to be self-sufficient. Although a traditional concierge is often charming, a virtual concierge kiosk is always quick, efficient, and knowledgeable.

What is a Virtual Concierge?

A virtual concierge, sometimes referred to as a digital concierge, is a type of customer experience (CX) technology that can provide guests with conversational and contextual assistance. Some digital concierge systems are also used in conjunction with mobile devices, so the experience can continue from a digital signage screen to a device in a guest’s hand.

Additionally, a virtual concierge will provide content at just the right time; with access to data, a traditional concierge might not have, like the wait time in the parking lot, the temperature outside, or the status of particular flights.

How is a Virtual Concierge Used?

The majority of digital concierge systems are used in the hospitality industry, but that is not to say that other industries can’t take advantage of them as well. Any guest-facing industry can put this hotel digital signage software to work.


Since the role of the concierge originated in a hotel, the hospitality industry still has the most to gain from adopting a virtual concierge system. There are endless ways a virtual concierge can help you facilitate business, such as:

Additional Industries and Use Cases

Hospitality isn’t the only sector that finds great convenience in a digital concierge. Any location, whether it’s a retail business, or a bank or an investment branch, can employ the technology to its advantage. The following are some additional uses for a virtual concierge in other industries:

  • Managing office resources through room and desk booking digital signage
  • Utilizing portable and digital hand sanitizing stations
    Improving the passenger experience with airport digital signage
  • Providing interactive temperature reading kiosks for health and safety needs
  • Providing immersive experiences through lobby digital signage
  • Integrating casino digital signage with resort gaming floor solutions

The Benefits of a Virtual Concierge System

Just like any other interactive digital signage system, a digital concierge can be used in a variety of ways and is just as customizable as the guest experience itself. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there is also a multitude of benefits to be reaped from using digital lobby signage with cloud-based digital signage software.

Save on Labor Costs

Clearly, with a digital concierge, not only do you not have to hire for that position, but you also save by having guests help themselves to information. Rather than tying up the front desk or register with questions about local navigation, they can simply utilize the virtual concierge system and be on their way.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Guest satisfaction tends to diminish if they have to wait in line to ask a question. Now they can interact with a virtual concierge and in some cases, have information sent directly to their mobile devices.

A virtual concierge system is a smart choice not only for the hospitality industry but any organization looking to give their customers a personalized experience. The guests are happier about their experience. The employees feel less bothered and more focused, and your business thrives.

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