The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre Adds FWI’s Powerful Signage Platform

Consolidating digital signage platforms.

The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) is one of the largest convention centres in the Middle East and is considered the premier event location In the UAE region.


With 133,000 square meters of event space, the venue flawlessly blends first-class amenities, technology, dedicated customer service professionals and grandeur together, making ADNEC the obvious choice for events of all sizes. ADNEC’s prominence in the world’s event venue landscape is undeniable, garnering numerous local, national and international awards for excellence.

And when the Exhibition Centre opened, all of its digital signs were managed by a competing platform. However, a lack of functionality prompted the ADNEC team to search for a replacement to the incumbent solution.

The Exhibition Centre selected Four Winds Interactive (FWI) to consolidate the management of its wayfinding, informational and meeting room applications under one easy to use software platform.

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The Challenge:

Hindered by its previous provider, ADNEC made the switch to FWI for improved flexibility, scalability, functionality and an intuitive user interface.

The Exhibition Centre expected a quick transition, rapid expansion capabilities and advanced training opportunities. ADNEC’s dedication to providing a premier guest experience required minimal screen downtime and no interruption to daily operations during the transition. This was paramount for the physical installation as well as the back-of-house content management. The Exhibition Centre also wanted to ensure its initial hardware investment wasn’t wasted, requiring FWI to use the existing displays.


What Needed To Be Done


Transition from a legacy digital signage software provider to FWI’s platform


Provide consistent and intuitive digital experience throughout the venue


Enable content management for multiple digital signage use cases

The Solution:

Working closely with the ADNEC IT department, Four Winds Interactive was able to complete the entire transition within 24 hours.

There were no operational disruptions and all content was migrated over seamlessly.

After a two-hour training on FWI’s advanced software capabilities, the ADNEC team was ready to manage all scheduling, template, design and content updates. FWI’s robust platform easily handles the various endpoints, optimizing the management of all meeting room signage, informational kiosks, wayfinding stations and video walls. ADNEC’s Visual Communications network now encompasses 83 screens and is rapidly expanding.


The Results

The transition to FWI’s enterprise Visual Communications solution exceeded ADNEC’s expectations.

In order to maximize ADNEC’s initial investment, FWI installed its software on the Exhibition Centre’s existing hardware, saving the venue money and expediting the transition process.

Added Benefits


Fast Transition

The FWI Visual Communications platform was completely installed and operational within 24 hours. Handled in a tiered fashion, this rapid transition allowed ADNEC to reduce system downtime.


Realized Cost Savings

Because FWI’s platform was able to handle every aspect of ADNEC’s Visual Communications network, the Exhibition Centre was able to eliminate the cost associated with its other provider without incurring new hardware expenses.


Improved Functionality

The functionality of FWI’s solution is improving the efficiencies of ADNEC’s user team, allowing them to schedule, deploy and track the efficacy of their various initiatives.

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