Space Notification Application

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Deliver up-to-date health and safety information where you need It, keeping your employees informed.

While most companies leveraged paper signage at the outset of the COVID-19 crisis, that approach does not scale. Use FWI’s portable, flexible signage solution to communicate CDC guidelines, health and safety tips, room capacity guidance, and more—and get those critical messages out to your people within seconds.

With the Space Notification Application, you not only simplify the process of communicating status updates, you get access to FWI Cloud, a mobile-friendly digital signage content management tool that makes it easy to update your screens whenever you need to. This application—and the hardware, software licenses, services, and content—puts your company in the position to better communicate health and safety information.

Your return to the office plan is likely to change multiple times. But your need to communicate those changes—quickly—remains the same.
fwi space notifications

Space Status Updates​

Enable social distancing by tracking capacity levels of a space and auto updating occupancy availability in real time to communicate status of a space through the use of sensor technology. At the same time, display customizable, space-specific messaging that can rotate with other health and safety content.

By clearly displaying the status of a space along with important health information, your people will stay informed and have peace of mind always knowing if a space is safe to enter.

Additionally, you can benefit from this flexibility in the long-term by leveraging these signs as traditional meeting room signage once the need for space notifications subsides.

Last Sanitized Date/Time

Replace paper signs with digital signs that your facilities team can quickly update.

Space Availability

Trade out the caution tape and paper signs for a digital sign that allows you to update what space is available from week to week.

Safety Instructions

Display safety instructions specific to your space such as sanitation instructions or social distancing reminders.

Application with Capacity Management Option
Application without Capacity Management Option

Health and Safety Content

Full-Screen Media to Help Get You Started

FWI has a library of content that you can use to welcome your people back, reiterate preventative practices, and more. The messaging and graphics were built to help you alleviate employee anxiety as your workforce transitions back to the office.

Dynamic Content

Update your signs on the fly with real-time content that is specific to your space such as policies, guidelines, and news changes from week-to-week, or day-to-day.


Included with Space Notification Application

Player Configuration

Our hardware experts will configure each of your media players to ensure they’re ready for installation upon arrival to your property.

Onboarding Services

We’ll help you navigate the steps necessary to get your application up and running and ensure you have access to everything you need to manage your solution.


Includes Content Player software for your devices.

Focused Training

We’ll show you how easy it is to update and customize your signs with a live training session.

FWI Cloud

Easily update and manage your content with a modern, mobile-friendly interface that can be accessed from anywhere.

Hosted Infrastructure

Our cloud-hosted model provides a lower upfront cost while minimizing ongoing onsite IT maintenance.


Mobile Dashboard for Capacity Management Analytics

Conveniently see capacity count for a space in real time and historical analytics.

Hardware Options

Phillips for Android AIO 10.1

Programmable multicolored LED side bars (horizontal only) with included 75mmx 75mm wall mount.

Optional Add-On

Free-standing, portable mount.

Capacity Management Sensor

Measures traffic within a 250ft radius by capturing smartphone WiFi capabilities. GDPR compliant. Powered through 5V, 1A, power plug, USB or PoE.

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