Create Impact Through FWI’s Digital Signage Platform

Deliver the right content at the right time to your target audience.

See the different features included in FWI Pro and FWI Enterprise.

Your organization has a message to communicate to your customers, your employees, or both. The content of your message depends on several factors, but most importantly it must be relevant and timely to maximize the desired impact on your target audience.

FWI’s platform streamlines every aspect of content contribution, user governance, device management and network administration. Plus, our application builder, Content Manager, puts a very powerful application authoring tool at your team’s fingertips.

FWI Gives You:

  • A modern, mobile-friendly interface for easy content contribution and device network management.
  • A set of powerful authoring tools that make it easy to build interactive, static or dynamic digital signage applications.
  • A secure, self-service portal that enables remote device management and monitoring, at scale.
  • Robust device support, letting you choose the player platforms that best meet your use case requirements and budget.

Platform Tools

FWI Cloud

FWI Cloud empowers your team to easily publish content, remotely manage devices and onboard new users.

Content Manager

Design, schedule and publish custom applications from any source to any screen in any location to deliver a dynamic experience for your audience.

Market Solutions

Content and applications, including FWI ENGAGE, FWI BOOKED and FWI SUITE, designed to maximize the impact of your digital signage network and easily configured for your brand and messaging strategies.

FWI Services

The communication layer between Content Manager and Content Players for content playback reporting and performance dashboards.

Content Player

Flexibility in your choice of device hardware with FWI’s support across multiple platforms.

Configurable applications

Leverage pre-defined templates in FWI Cloud to empower your team to quickly create and share dynamic, customizable content.

Integration Adaptors

Access to pre-built integrations such as Salesforce, Exchange, Google Calendar and more.

Integration Framework

Connect to nearly any third-party data source to dynamically and securely display real-time data.


Platform Features

FWI Pro FWI Enterprise
FWI Cloud
Market Solutions Optional Add-On Optional Add-On
Content Player
Content Manager
Premium Ready-to-Use Content
FWI Services
Integration Framework
Integration Adaptors Unlimited

Supported Players

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