Portable A-Frame Display

Your flexible communications solution

In today’s world, flexible, rapid communications capabilities are the key to successfully transitioning your workforce back to the office.

Use this portable display to quickly add or modify points of messaging—without having to mount new hardware. With the ability to accommodate different display sizes from 23” to 49”, this lightweight A-frame can be easily moved throughout your space as new communications needs arise. This affordable option is ideal for public areas where fixed signage is not an option, as well as public areas with evolving space utilization needs.


Retail Entrance (COVID Content)

Position this sign at retail entrance and exit points to engage customers with health & safety guidelines. At the end of each business day, easily move the display out of sight or relocate to where new communication needs emerge.


Hotel or Conference Center Lobby (Events)

Use this sign to display schedules and other information about events happening in your space, leverage directional wayfinding to help people safely navigate public spaces, or easily change the sign’s location and update content accordingly.


Education (Open/Closed Spaces)

Place this sign in your university’s student union, dining hall, library, or other multi-functional building to inform students which spaces are open and closed, along with other reminders about the latest health and safety guidelines. When needs change, easily fold up the display and carry to another on-campus location.

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