Planning Templates: Creating a Communications Strategy for Your Production Floor

Improving communications for manufacturing companies.

Manufacturing companies face a unique challenge when it comes to communicating with a large, deskless workforce.

Chief among those reasons is that while on the production floor, employees don’t have access to a smartphone or computer. And most employees on the production floor don’t even have a company email address. 

This creates multiple challenges when it comes to driving operational efficiencies, engaging employees, and showcasing innovation. Further complicating things for production facilities, each of these three priorities is made up of a variety of sub-challenges, from attracting and retaining labor, through keeping up with safety and compliance regulations. Yet many of these challenges can be addressed through a well-planned internal communications strategy—one that’s designed to reach each employee with the right information when and where they need it. 

The included templates are designed to help you develop an effective and actionable communications strategy based on challenges and priorities within your business. 

Use these templates to identify your communications pain points and challenges, determine how those challenges align with your top priorities, and rank your priorities to help form an action plan.

Download Our Manufacturing Communications Planning Templates

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