Leveraging Digital Signage to Deliver Localized Content to Thousands of Locations

Deploying localized content at scale.

Western Union is an expert at bridging the gap between faraway places, enabling money transfers between people via their website, app, or in person at hundreds of thousands of Agent locations.


Western Union believes that when money is able to move quickly and reliably, big things happen, communities are strengthened, and family members are connected. By believing in the idea that there is a better way, Western Union has innovated the way its customers have connected across borders for over 168 years.

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Locations rolled out across the US and Canada in one year


People manage Western Union’s digital signage network


Saved by retrofitting FWI’s software on existing hardware

The Challenge:

Western Union’s original investment in digital signage proved that point-of-purchase signage impacted transactions. But the solution could not scale.

Western Union needed a way to scale its retail digital signage program quickly, while simultaneously streamlining the management of its screens. Additionally, the team sought a way to dynamically deliver important, localized information to each sign in order to provide its customers’ access to information about foreign exchange rates, fees, and more. Instead of displaying generic content, Western Union needed a way to provide local content at large scale, plus find a software platform capable of integrating with its exiting screens.

What Needed To Be Done


Develop a scalable digital signage solution


Leverage existing hardware


Enable a mix of localized and global content

The Solution:

After searching for the right partner to scale their vision, Western Union selected FWI. In conjunction with WU’s hardware provider, Kiosk Information Systems, FWI created a solution that delivers big results with minimal management.

FWI developed an enterprise strategy to help increase transaction volume by dynamically delivering local content. After working closely with FWI’s creative team and technical experts, the WU team learned that FWI’s platform could dynamically program in-store content based on point-of-sale data. And in addition to that content, WU could add general marketing messages to the mix, ensuring that customers have access to the information they need to make the best money transfer decision while also learning about the company’s latest products and offers. And the entire solution is managed by a team of three people, all of whom have many additional responsibilities, outside of digital signage.

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The Results

Western Union was able to rapidly scale its digital signage network while simultaneously delivering a mix of global and localized content to thousands of stores across the United States and Canada.

Western Union saw a significant business impact, saved almost $1M in hardware, and scaled its new solution to 2,000 Agent locations in one year. And the localization aspect requires no manual intervention, as the signs update themselves with the correct foreign exchange rates, fees, and more.

western union digital signage

Added Benefits


Create a Scalable Digital Signage Network

After proving the concept of digital signage could increase in-store transaction volume but being unable to easily extend that success nationally, Western Union switched to FWI’s platform and implemented signage in 2,000 Agent locations within one year.


Deliver Localized Content at Scale

Today, FWI’s platform distinguishes top send corridors at Western Union® Agent locations and deploys the right content to the right place so customers can view the fees, exchange rates, and product features corresponding to that location’s top money transfer destinations—all dynamically.


Capitalize on Initial Hardware Investment

To maximize Western Union’s initial hardware investment, FWI was able to retrofit its software to power the existing hardware, saving Western Union almost $1M.

FWI delivered a complex, enterprise-grade solution that, at the beginning, nobody even thought was possible—then scaled that solution rapidly.


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