Navigating a Changing Office Environment

Leverage contactless wayfinding to help your audience navigate your public spaces.

Use FWI’s Directional Wayfinding application to help employees navigate the new realities of your space while also limiting congestion in high traffic areas.

Considering the rate at which things change today, contactless wayfinding is a critical requirement in shared spaces. As your business adopts new procedures for how employees move through and interact with your physical workplace, the only constant is the reality that things will change. FWI’s Directional Wayfinding application was built specifically to help you navigate those changes.

Inform your employees of room closures, new traffic patterns, and more—and update that information as soon as things change.

Replace Those Taped Arrows and Tattered Paper Signs

The need to communicate quickly as things change has never been more important. Implement FWI’s digital wayfinding signage and position your company to be able to react to any new development, and ensure that your employees are aware of space closures, new traffic patterns, and more.

Comply with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines
Inform employees of space closures
Notify employees of changes to building access points
Update directional indicators to direct foot traffic on the fly
Customize branding to make the screens compliment your space
office digital sign

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