Directional Wayfinding Application

Learn more about FWI's Directional Wayfinding Application.

Use contactless directional wayfinding to direct the flow of traffic in your facility, ensuring safety and delivering useful navigational information.

Arrows taped to the floor and paper signage posted around your building worked at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. But those solutions can’t scale with the rapid changes to CDC guidelines and adjustments to unique business processes we all face as we transition back to public spaces.

To comply with social distancing guidelines and ensure the health and safety of your people, it’s important to direct the flow of traffic in your space. And let’s face it, the likelihood that you’ll need to update traffic patterns over time is high. The FWI Directional Wayfinding application enables you to point people in the right direction quickly.

  • Choose from pre-determined layouts to get up and running quickly
  • Easily update navigational screens wherever you are – from your mobile or desktop device
  • Access FWI Cloud to update directional indicators and enable or disable available areas to divert foot traffic or destinations on the fly
  • Make directional wayfinding a part of your space with customized branding

Included with Directional Wayfinding Application

FWI Cloud

Easily update and manage your content with a modern, mobile-friendly interface that can be accessed from anywhere.

Player Configuration

Our hardware experts will configure each of your media players to ensure they’re ready for installation upon arrival to your property.

Focused Training

We’ll show you how easy it is to update and customize your signs with a live training session.


Includes Content Player software for your devices.

Onboarding Services

We’ll help you navigate the steps necessary to get your application up and running and ensure you have access to everything you need to manage your solution.

Hosted Infrastructure

Our cloud-hosted model provides a lower upfront cost while minimizing ongoing onsite IT maintenance.

Hardware Options

Media Player
  • FWOW-52
  • Samsung QMR Series or LG SM5KE Series (49”, 55”, 65”
  • Smartmount XT Universal Flat Wall Mount

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