Are You Getting Access to Every FWI Cloud Feature?

Learn about the cloud optimization service from FWI

On top of simplifying content contribution, enabling granular scheduling, and providing access to powerful device management tools, FWI Cloud receives regular feature updates, delivering compounded value over time. Is your digital signage network optimized to give you access to new FWI Cloud features?

With its intuitive, mobile-friendly design and advanced signage management capabilities, FWI Cloud is a huge step forward in how you use digital signage to meet your goals. Not only does FWI Cloud allow you to empower anyone in your company to contribute content, it also enables flexible permissions, helping you ensure that each FWI Cloud user only has access to the things they need to manage content on specific screens. However, certain FWI Cloud features like Labels and the Daily Scheduler require additional configuration within Content Manager before they can be used.

While you can make the configuration updates on your own within Content Manager, we’re offering a new service that optimizes your signage network to take advantage of new FWI Cloud features. We’ll take care of the work and provide you with the training you need. This service also provides:

  • The publication of existing applications as FWI Cloud Apps and made available in FWI Cloud
  • Training and documentation on everything you need to successfully manage your content directly from FWI Cloud, including applying Labels to control where content plays, creating Playlists and Channels, configuring scheduling and assigning content to your devices
  • Peace of mind knowing that you are set up for success with all available FWI Cloud features, and well- positioned to easily leverage upcoming features as they are released

We have multiple service options available to help you take advantage of everything FWI Cloud has to offer. Reach out to your FWI Customer Success Executive to learn more about your options.

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