4 Ways to Reach Your Manufacturing Frontline with Impact & Boost Performance

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Engaging and informing frontline workers who can’t use traditional communication channels such as email is challenging—but critical to achieving business results. Learn how FWI Elevate can help.

Frontline workers make up an enormous part of the workforce. Between factory floor and warehouse workers, line managers, and production technicians, the majority of employees in the manufacturing and logistics industries don’t have access to a desk—in fact, according to Industry Today, 80% of the global workforce is deskless. Engaging and informing these employees who can’t use traditional communication channels such as email is challenging—but critical to achieving business results. A study by Forbes shows that engaged workers produce better work, stay at the company longer, and are more productive.

However, the manufacturing industry, which relies on such deskless employees, has 37% turnover and absenteeism—the highest of any industry and significantly higher than the US national average of 3.6%. The result for many manufacturers? A 40% drain on the bottom line as a result of workarounds, rework, and other waste.

That’s why we created FWI Elevate; our newest solution focused on solving the unique problems in this space and supporting communication with otherwise hard-to-reach employees, helping you grow your bottom line. To learn more about FWI Elevate, check out this link—or keep reading to find out how it can help solve your top communications challenges. 

Maximize Agility and Efficiency with Real-time Data Visualizations

A key part of driving productivity on the manufacturing floor is being able to track progress toward goals against real-time metrics. FWI Elevate provides both native charts and graphs as well as seamless, real-time integrations with any data source, such as Tableau, Power BI, or any MES. Native charts and graphs are quick and responsive—and you don’t have to create anything from scratch—enabling line managers and other production workers to quickly get a real-time view of how your team is doing.

With the ability to seamlessly integrate with nearly every data source, FWI Elevate can bring any type of data into view to drive productivity. It can be customized to display the data you want to see in the way you want to see it. This includes inventory levels over time, as well as quality metrics like yield, defect rates, and much more. With the pace of manufacturing and logistics operations, having this real-time information available to frontline workers on the floor keeps them aware of processes and cycles, plus empowers them to stay ahead of issues before they arise. These visualizations let employees know if and where they need to change processes to increase efficiency and improve performance across your production lines. In addition to real-time problem resolution, you can also use data visualizations to display business intelligence, like production KPIs on floor signage for daily scrum planning.

Boost Productivity with Operational Communications

When they’re on the floor, deskless workers often lack up-to-date operational information that can impede agility and scalability and, in turn, drive up production costs. Most employees can’t check email while on the production floor, and often, they aren’t even given a company email address. In addition, factory workers can’t check their phones for safety reasons if they’re operating machinery, can’t hear due to production noises, or have spotty reception in the warehouse.

The solution is to use visual ways of communicating so that employees can get the information they need while they’re doing their job. FWI Elevate enables you to easily create, customize, and display operational information such as shift schedules on digital signage to inform workers where and to whom they need to report. With FWI Elevate, you can:

  • Reach otherwise disconnected frontline employees
  • Empower employees with visibility into their performance, where they need to be, and more to boost productivity
  • Increase throughput
  • And much more
Reduce Workplace Incidents with Health & Safety Messaging

Frontline employees are hard to reach, and as a result, they often miss evolving health and safety-related information—putting themselves and others in the workplace at risk. According to the National Council on Compensation Insurance, the average cost of a workplace injury claim is over $40,000. But that’s only part of it. Other costs include OSHA fines, lost production time, quality defects, paid overtime, costs associated with hiring and training temp workers, and higher workers comp premiums.

With FWI Elevate, health and safety message templates and countdown/count-up clocks help keep employees and the workplace safe—and help you avoid these costs. Our ready-to-use templates make it easy for you to create and display important safety messages and reminders while adhering to compliance standards and reducing accidents.

Motivate & Retain Employees by Connecting Them with Company Culture

As we discussed earlier, the manufacturing industry has one of the highest rates of employee absenteeism and turnover. Inadequate onboarding, training, and ongoing education, as well as employees moving on to other companies where they feel they have better opportunities, are significant causes of churn—and over time, employee churn leads to lost margins.

FWI Elevate helps you keep your employees engaged and motivated with the content they’re interested in—and offers ready-to-use templates to make your job easier. Here are some of the ways that you can leverage digital signage to help build company culture:

  • Congratulate individuals for how long they’ve been with the company with Years of Service templates
  • Create and schedule birthday announcements
  • Stir up some healthy competition among teams with leaderboards

And just as those examples of recognition can help with your engagement and retention, keeping employees aware of trainings and internal job openings is critical in promoting upward mobility, so employees are inclined to stay with the company. Not only does this mean higher morale, but it also leads to greater continuity of knowledge and operations—and eventually, larger margins.

It’s clear that poor communication with frontline workers can lead to a variety of problems. From employee turnover and safety incidents through rework, lack of engagement, and decreased productivity, not investing in the proper channels to communicate with your workforce can hugely impact your bottom line. But FWI Elevate helps solve those challenges. With FWI Elevate, you can reach deskless, frontline employees with business-critical information like real-time performance KPIs, safety messages, and culture and retention boosting content. Plus, it comes with ready-to-use templates, so you don’t have to create anything from scratch, translating to faster time to value and more time to focus on the business.

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