Contactless Temperature Checking Stations

Help Ensure a Safe Return to the Office

Use the FWI Temperature Scanner to safely bring your people back to the office while also adhering to the latest health and safety guidelines.

As companies build or optimize their return to the office plan, many are struggling to find scalable, contactless solutions to measure key symptoms of Coronavirus and prevent viral spread within their facilities and communities. As temperature is known to be an indicator of viral infection—and one of the main early symptoms of COVID-19—checking the temperature of employees prior to permitting them into the main areas of your building is a key factor in safely bringing people back to the office.

The FWI Temperature Scanner is a contactless digital solution that quickly measures a user’s temperature and guides them through next steps if their reading measures above the pre-defined threshold. Designed as a first-line safety precaution, this thermal scanner helps keep your workforce safe, provides early symptom detection for your employees, and demonstrates your company’s commitment to employee health and safety.

It’s your company’s responsibility to make employee health and safety a top priority.

The FWI Temperature Scanner lets you: 

  • Quickly take employee temperatures with a contactless scanner ƒ
  • Set temperature thresholds to automate workflows if an individual tests highƒ
  • Enable private-mode to provide your employees with peace-of-mindƒ
  • Leverage QR codes so users can access more information if desired

Enable privacy mode to ensure employee temperature readings are not publicly available.

While the health and safety of your workforce is paramount, ensuring your employees feel comfortable and confident using the solutions you provide is also vital. Designed for both open public spaces and smaller, more secluded areas, the FWI Temperature Scanner has multiple features that prevent other people in line from seeing the results of a user’s temperature reading.

Leveraging a discrete user interface, as well as an optional private-mode in which the user’s temperature reading isn’t shown, the FWI Temperature Scanner lets employees comply with new health and safety guidelines without needing to publicly share the results of their scan. In the event that a person tests high, a customized message can be automatically deployed with instructions for next steps.

Included With the FWI Temperature Scanner


Includes Content Player software for your devices.

FWI Cloud

Easily update and manage your screens with a modern, interface that can be accessed from anywhere.


Choose from several hardware options selected for quality performance.

Player Configuration

Our hardware experts will configure each of your media players to ensure they’re ready for installation upon arrival to your property.

Onboarding Services

We’ll help you navigate the steps necessary to get your application up and running and ensure you have access to everything you need to manage your solution.

Focused Training

We’ll show you how easy it is to update and customize your signs with a live training session.

Hosted Infrastructure

Our cloud-hosted model provides a lower upfront cost while minimizing ongoing onsiteIT maintenance.

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