How is FWI’s Employee Engagement Rate 133% Higher than the National Average?

Increasing employee enagement with digital signage.

We don’t just sell Visual Communications software and services; we are sold on the benefits.


In 2010, we began using our digital signage software to create an internal Visual Communications network for our 150 employee team. We designed and deployed custom corporate digital signage solutions and applications for each employee group and function and displayed them on screens around our office. We focused on improving three key areas of our business: 1) operations 2) performance management and 3) employee engagement. Each screen had a mixture of content relevant to that team, as well as company-wide information and employee acknowledgements.

We never realized how much that network would come to power our business. In 2015, we built a new headquarters and warehouse facility in downtown Denver to house our 350+ employees. We got the chance to design each building in a way that seamlessly integrates Visual Communications throughout. And our employees are engaged like never before.

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The Challenge:

Our new buildings gave us a rare chance to take our Visual Communications program to the next level. Our three focus areas remained the same, but with two buildings, including a 50,000 square foot office designed to be an open, collaborative space; everything from screen placement through content had to be reconsidered.

We challenged ourselves to beat our previous results. With scores in the mid-70s by early 2015, our employee recognition apps, birthday announcements and other initiatives brought our engagement and net promoter scores (NPS) well above the 32.5% and 40% national averages, respectively. We were equally interested in improving our work-flows, performance management and operations metrics in our new facilities.

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What Needed To Be Done


Increase employee engagement with Visual Communications


Drive business performance within each department


Create an environment where employees enjoy working

The Solution:

Our experts in Visual Communications Strategy got a chance to prove why they are the best in the business. They integrated over 300 screens into the building’s design, identifying which screens should be used to display departmental performance metrics and engagement applications. They also determined content rotation guidelines, and who would be responsible for curating and designing the content.

We selected about 30 new apps, configured them and deployed them to the screens identified by our strategic team. Chief among them was our new employee badging app, which integrated with Salesforce and enabled any employee to publicly recognize a co-worker for exceptional performance. It displayed a picture of the person being recognized followed by the reasons why, as well as a picture of the employee that initiated the badge. Our employees embraced the new format and all of the recognition options and have awarded an average of 145 badges each month since the app was released.

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The Results

By glancing to the center of the room, employees can easily find internal communications and by glancing towards the perimeter of the building, they can pick up real-time business productivity information. The improvements to our employee communications and meeting room-booking capabilities combined with our KPI screens resulted in dramatic improvements within our enterprise.

Our already high employee engagement score rose to 76% while our NPS score is at an incredible 83%.

That’s not just “nice to have.” The boost in engagement has driven our turnover to a new low of just 11% in 2015, saving us millions in recruitment and training costs and delivering over 300% ROI on the screens dedicated to our employee engagement metrics. And our Visual Communications network is driving it all.

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Added Benefits


Improve Employee Engagement

With the national average employee engagement rate stagnating around 30%, a recent independent survey shows the FWI employee engagement rate is an astounding 76%.


Simplify Processes

We addressed ‘pain points’ within our organization and developed visually engaging applications to solve those challenges and improve how work was done.


Create Immersive Experiences

The building features over 300 screens with varying degrees of interactivity and data integrations, making it easy to get relevant, real-time information by glancing around the office.

By glancing to the center of the room, employees can easily find internal communications and by glancing toward the perimeter of the building, they can pick up real-time business productivity information.

David Levin, CEO and President

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