It’s Time to Simplify Digital Signage Management For Corporate Offices

How FWI Cloud simplifies digital signage management

Empower your people to easily manage and monitor your company’s screens—on the fly, from their mobile devices.

Your company’s digital signage platform shouldn’t be hard to use. It should be easy. Easy to add new applications. Easy to contribute fresh content. Easy to update, monitor, maintain and scale. Now, it is.

Leveraging the latest in cloud architecture, FWI Cloud streamlines every aspect of content contribution, user and device management, and network administration. More importantly, the FWI cloud-based digital signage system lets your company’s marketing, sales, IT, accounting, and HR teams spend less time learning a new platform and more time communicating their key messages.

FWI Cloud Gives You:

  • A modern, mobile-friendly interface for content contribution
  • Powerful, intuitive device management capabilities
  • The ability to segment user and group permissions
  • Integrations that simplify user onboarding and offboarding

Not every one of your employees needs access to every part of FWI’s platform. That’s why we designed an intuitive set of tools—all tailored to the specific needs of your content contributors, content schedulers, and network administrators.


Tools for Content Contributors

Every department in your organization needs a better way to disseminate information. We’ve made it easy for you to empower them—to give a voice to the people that need to get their messages out.

Content Library

This shared, cloud-based content repository gives anyone at your property a single place to upload and store rich media assets, then easily access and schedule that content from any device, anytime.


Designed exclusively for collaborative digital signage content contribution and management, Tables lets your teams easily manage their data-driven applications.

Channels and Playlists

Empower your content contributors to easily assign and publish approved content to any of your company’s screens and enable them to designate when various content can play, helping deliver more dynamic experiences.

Pre-Built Templates

Your content contributors can easily customize pre-built templates to share all types of information to improve communication and engagement–birthdays, work anniversaries, upcoming events, and more.

Tools for Network Administrators

Tasked with keeping all of your company’s digital signage devices online while also ensuring network security and managing platform access for everyone who needs it, network administrators need tools that simplify their complex responsibilities.

Admin Center

When it’s time to scale your network, the ability to easily add contributors—only giving them access to the tools and permissions they need—is invaluable. That’s where Admin Center comes in.


As your network scales, our Devices module gives you a centralized view of all deployed devices, plus a way to remotely license, manage, and monitor new devices.

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