Alignment Workshop

Here's what to expect from a workshop with us.

Bringing employees back to the office is fraught with risk, but as a recent Gartner, Inc. survey report found, 74% of CFOs are planning to implement a long-term flexible work environment[1], leadership teams require a plan and technology to support that plan. The Alignment Workshop is an FWI-led discussion with subject matter experts around safely bringing your employees back to the office while also positioning your business to make data-driven decisions around real estate usage.

Only 12% of U.S. workers want to work from home full time. Most want to return to the workplace, but with critical changes.[2]

This workshop will provide you with:

An executive overview of the market and business drivers today—real time perspective on the challenges customers are experiencing while bringing employees back to work.

A discussion of the business challenges, opportunities, and priorities in relation to the benefits of flexible work environments.

Information on the challenges and opportunities to improve your desired business outcomes.

How Long Is the Workshop?

The workshop will take 2-4 hours, depending on the complexity of your initiative.

What’s Needed From You?

A successful workshop will involve the individuals from your organization responsible for implementing a digital workplace—corporate real estate leaders, facilities, people operations—as well as your business’s decision makers. These different perspectives will ensure we are aligning to your overall business needs.

What Will We Create?

The deliverable will be an executive-ready strategy and technology recommendation for your return to work strategy and real estate optimization, including where to start and potential timing of key milestones.

Quantifiable Business Value:ƒ

  • Quantify the potential benefits in financial terms.
  • Determine value-oriented next steps.

Key Workshop Outputs:

  • Position your business to safely return to the workplace.
  • Pinpoint key areas of concern to improve processes and continuously optimize your real estate investment.
  • Determine business challenges, opportunities, and priorities in relation to workplace strategy.

Questions We Will Answer:

  1. How are similar businesses dealing with the same types of challenges?
  2. What process are you using to identify any potential gaps in your current strategy?
  3. How can you ensure the health and safety needs of your employees are met?
  4. How can technology optimize your investment in real estate?
  5. What are the risks associated with simply maintaining the status quo?
  6. Where do we start?

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