Digital Signage Options for Every Business

FWI Enterprise or FWI Pro: Which option is best for you?

Digital signage is the new standard for effective one-to-many communications in rapidly changing environments.

It has become more and more difficult to cut through the clutter and reach your audience with the information they need, when they need it. This is the main reason that digital signage has become a primary communication channel, and others that have previously handled the one-to-many comms task are quickly fading into obscurity.

However, not all digital signage platforms are the same. FWI provides the power, control, and ease of use your business needs to make one-to-many communications effective and timely.

The only question is, what do you need your screens to do for you?

Whether you’re seeking to launch a new digital signage initiative or scale an existing solution, FWI can help you achieve your communications goals.

digital menu display

With FWI, you get the ability to scale your solution as your needs grow and evolve, putting the right level of control in your users hands, and empowering them to manage your signs quickly and easily. Whatever your communications needs are, FWI can meet you there—and help you be more effective and impactful than possible with any other digital signage vendor.

So, what are you trying to accomplish?


FWI Pro was created for companies that need out-of-the box, turnkey content, plus the ability to easily update content and manage devices on the fly, simplifying previously time-consuming tasks.

If you’re looking to power any of the below use cases, consider leveraging FWI Pro:

  • Menu Boards
  • Meeting Room Signage
  • Employee Engagement Applications
  • Patient Communications
  • Student Communications
  • Health and Safety Information
  • Directing Foot Traffic in Your Facility

FWI Enterprise

FWI Enterprise provides all of the power available in digital signage today. Gain the ability to create customized digital signage applications that can be tailored to any audience, powerful integration capabilities to third-party systems , and extensive device management capabilities.

Choose FWI Enterprise if you are interested in any of the below use cases:

  • Key Performance Indicator Boards
  • Multi-Screen, Large-Scale Video Walls
  • Dynamic Advertising
  • Staff/Service Provider/Departmental Directories
  • Passenger Information
  • Emergency Messaging
  • Building Custom Applications Specific To Your Individual Signage Needs

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