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Here are four key ways FWI ENGAGE can boost your business’ employee communications and engagement initiatives.

These days, no matter the industry, it’s simply not enough to rely on traditional workforce communications like emails or corkboards. They’re easily ignored and get lost in the bustle of everyday business. Dynamic, real-time and relevant communications enabled through digital signage, on the other hand, are fast becoming the standard. Digital Natives and Millennials expect it. Attracting top talent requires it. And hundreds of hours of productivity are lost without it. FWI® ENGAGE™ is an all-in-one suite of purpose-built digital signage solutions as well as a dedicated mobile app offering highly configurable and streamlined employee communications. When implemented correctly, it will allow you to reach your employees in meaningful ways, when and where they prefer and, most importantly, without overwhelming them. In today’s workplace, technology like digital signage isn’t a luxury, it’s the baseline. Anything less won’t cut it. Here are four key ways FWI ENGAGE can boost your business’ employee communications and engagement initiatives.

Engage Your Workforce

Disengaged employees are an all too common problem in workplaces. In fact, according to Gallup, 70% of workers report being disengaged at work, costing US businesses between $450 and $550 billion in lost productivity every year. With FWI ENGAGE, you can reduce these productivity losses by providing your workers with a highly engaging workplace through the use of corporate digital signage. How, you might ask? Well for one, placing digital signs in high traffic areas where your employees congregate enables them to see vital company information in an unobtrusive way, from highlighting important announcements to showcasing upcoming events or even displaying social media content. On top of giving employees practical information, FWI ENGAGE also allows businesses to show their workers how much they value them and appreciate their hard work. Included applications can display birthday celebrations, recent promotions and employee bios across your office to show your employees how much you care. It’s also a great way to lighten the workplace mood a little.

Foster Collaboration

Teamwork is perhaps the number one component in creating a well-oiled workforce. This means promoting collaboration in every aspect of your business, which is easy with employee-facing corporate digital signage. Because, at the end of the day, collaboration equals efficiency and efficiency equals results. It’s as simple as that. In particular, with the FWI ENGAGE product, you can display objectives and milestones to inspire and encourage your company’s different teams and departments to strive together toward common goals. And with a solid content strategy to guide it, you can seamlessly keep all your workers on the same page and informed on a given project’s status and roadmap, meaning less time spent asking questions and more time getting things done.

Boost Sales

When it comes to boosting sales, few things can match the results of internal communications powered by digital signage. The simple reason: Data. Indeed, constantly displaying rich data for your sales team is a proven tactic that can give businesses a competitive leg up against the rest of the field. We understand, which is FWI ENGAGE integrates with major business systems like Salesforce. Among the data that FWI ENGAGE enables businesses to highlight in real-time includes key performance indicators (KPIs), important sales targets, tracking of industry events and strategic financial objectives. The platform can also be utilized to inspire workers to achieve more in the workplace by letting management and fellow employees recognize top performers.

Reduce Turnover Rates

Finding and retaining top talent is a constant challenge for businesses these days. The reasons are twofold. First, working conditions and company culture are increasingly facing higher scrutiny as a more demanding generation of employees enters the workforce. Second, skilled talent is more and more becoming a scarce and highly valued commodity by companies. And it should come as no surprise that replacing employees costs companies huge amounts of time and resources. Knowing the problem is the first step, taking steps toward solving it is the next. This is where signage comes into the equation. By incorporating Visual Communications across your company, you can provide clear goals and objectives, streamline the work process, organize work outings and events, reinforce core company values and show employees how important they are in the day-to-day operations. In short, your company’s digital signage can be a great tool to alleviate worker stress while simultaneously boosting efficiency. Use it as such. If you do, attracting and keeping top talent will become infinitely more achievable.

What’s Included

As we mentioned above, FWI ENGAGE is a comprehensive digital signage solution built to drive workplace engagement. In total, there are 22 included applications, ranging from employee engagement-focused solutions to business metrics and safety applications. Here are just a few:
  • Announcements
  • Upcoming events
  • Recent promotions
  • Company values
  • CEO blog
  • Social media dashboard
  • KPI statistics
  • Emergency messaging

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