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Deployed in the last few hours of the workday, this free content helps remind your in-office employees about good remote work practices, something that’s key for a hybrid workforce.

Free Remote Work Content

With many businesses beginning to reopen their offices and implementing various approaches to bringing employees back, one thing is clear—the return to the office will be a slower transition than the move to full-time remote work was. Whether your business is leveraging a phased approach, only bringing in a small subset of employees at a time, or going with a staggered office return schedule, some form of remote work is likely part of your equation for the immediate future.

While most businesses have quickly adapted to a fully remote work setup, there’s still value in promoting work from home tips designed to improve productivity as well as the overall work-life balance for your employees. Consider using the screens in your office to not only welcome employees back and inform them of any new office protocols, but also use those screens to provide (and reinforce) work from home tips on the days before employees will rotate back to remote work. To help you ensure productivity while the transition back to working in the office takes place, we’ve provided content that encourages good remote work habits.

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