Free Content Download: Back to Work Content

Ideal for the hybrid workforce.

As you welcome your employees back to the office—either full-time or in a hybrid model—display this free content on your digital signs to remind your workforce about proper etiqutte.

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As businesses execute their office reopening plans, things like new traffic pattern guidelines and meeting room policies are likely to be put in place—and change over time. But one thing won’t—the need to reiterate health and safety information. While the digital signage in your office can and should be used to communicate new information as it becomes available, it should also be used to reiterate common health practices to ensure your workforce remains healthy and safe.

To make it easier for you to keep health and safety information top of mind once your employees return to the office, we’ve created a series of free content for you to download and use on your screens. The below content—based on CDC guidelines—is something we’re using on our own digital signage network to welcome our first wave of employees back to the office, and we hope that you will find it valuable too.

To access this content, simply click on each image, then right-click and select “save as”.

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