For a Worldwide Leader in Aerospace Manufacturing—the Sky’s the Limit With FWI’s Software

Improving internal communications & safety.

Four Winds Interactive worked with a worldwide leader in the aerospace manufacturing industry that employs over 160,000 people in 65 countries and maintains 1,600 buildings worldwide. Simply put, this leading aircraft manufacturer is a lesson in size, scope and scale.


Never content with the status quo, this aerospace leader constantly re-examines their capabilities and processes. They strive to ensure that they remain as strong and vital as the heritage of aviation itself, an industry built on a foundation of innovation, aspiration and imagination.

In 2010, this firm had a rudimentary Digital Signage system in place that failed to meet the needs of the organization. After that system was abandoned, this company’s IT team was tasked with finding a single solution capable of uniting their disparate communication initiatives. After an extensive comparative testing process, this aviation giant selected FWI.


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The Challenge:

Ultimately, this huge aviation manufacturer needed a single solution that could keep their large workforce informed and engaged.

They sought a way to streamline the internal communications processes across all of their departments and divisions while also maintaining the ability to grant management permissions to their different user groups. The solution needed to be as adaptable as it was scalable, enable easy monitoring and expedite the content updating process. Due to their varied working environments, flexibility was required in their new Digital Signage solution that wasn’t available with their previous platform. They also wanted to optimize the efficacy of each display in every participating location by using the appropriate screen size and functionality.


The Solution:

After selecting FWI, this aviation leader chose to have a phased rollout, starting with smaller projects in order to identify any potential implementation hurdles.

After a series of quick and successful implementations, the worldwide leader in aviation manufacturing is managing content on 1,000 screens spread throughout multiple locations. The company’s IT department oversees the software cost and implementation while each location or user group is responsible for the hardware cost as well as content management. With over 100 buildings using the FWI Digital Signage solution, this approach provides the aerospace leader with a cohesive internal communication medium that enables a mix of relevant general and location specific information. This flexibility ensures that regardless to location or division, employees have access to the information that they need. The company is also using their screens for a variety of purposes including interactive wayfinding, employee communications, lobby welcome screens, training kiosks and more.

The Results

The leader in aerospace manufacturing needed a proven system that could deliver their company-wide employee engagement initiatives while also displaying pertinent local information. They got that, and more.

Today, the FWI Digital Signage Cloud is a foundational technology at this company. Due to the success of their various installations and initiatives, they are moving forward with an extensive expansion plan to add over 1,500 screens to their network and extend the scope to include conference room management, integrated KPI displays and more.

Added Benefits


Improved Employee Communications

Over 85% of the content displayed on this leading aircraft manufacturer’s screens is dedicated to employee communications and engagement. They are also using wayfinding to improve navigation at many of their locations.


Enhanced Safety

The company built the system in a way that allows their worldwide fire and safety team to tap into any screen in order to alert workers about emergency situations, either by location or company wide.


Simplified Content Management

All of this aerospace leader’s Digital Signage are driven with FWI’s software, yet each internal user group at their locations controls their own content. Updates, scheduling and storage are all handled with an intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard.

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