Download and Display This Coronavirus Prevention Content

Reinforce proper sanitation and etiquette.

If you have a digital signage network—even if it’s not powered by FWI—you can download and use this content on your signs.

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Coronavirus is a serious concern in our world today. We’re faced with some difficult challenges as we consider how to move forward with our day-to-day activities. Thankfully, there are simple steps we can take to better protect ourselves and our communities while also helping slow the spread of the virus.

FWI wants to help. To inform our employees of the actions they can take to combat the spread of coronavirus, we’ve created a series of images to use on digital displays that outline the things everyone needs to know to help keep their organizations and loved ones healthy during this time of concern.

The below content—adapted from CDC guidelines and recommendations—is something we’re using on our own digital signage network, and we hope that you will find it valuable. Given the severity of the concern, we’re making this content publicly available for all businesses with digital signage networks to use.

To access this content, simply click on each image, then right-click and select “save as.”

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