Digital Signage & Internal Communications: The Why & How

Creating a more collaborative work environment.

Find out how digital signage is a key piece of any comprehensive internal communications strategy—and how an internal signage network can help foster a collaborative work environment.

A modern way to commuicate

Baby Boomers are retiring and Millennials are taking their place. Unlike their predecessors, this new workforce demands a more collaborative working environment. Office politics are frowned upon and technology is a driver for sharing thoughts and collaborating with others. As Millennials move into management positions, corporate digital signage has played a crucial role in building a more collaborative workforce. Internal digital signage such as video walls and touchscreen kiosks are permeating office lobbies, common areas and meeting rooms, and are even taking center stage in performance management.

Digital signage for internal communications has become key in meeting HR objectives, and it only makes sense that HR managers are analyzing the technology on a more strategic level. When aligned with organizational goals and key success metrics, internal digital signage in corporate settings can help create a more purpose-driven workforce. A more engaged and motivated staff with fresh ideas and a desire to constantly improve is directly linked not only to company productivity but also longevity. From collaboration to space management, here are a few ways digital signage can be used for internal communications.

Team Collaboration

Corporate digital signage plays a big role in fostering team collaboration. Imagine a day in the life of a software development team, where touchscreen panels are used to load scrum boards instead of relying on sticky notes and whiteboards. Adoption of agile development frameworks such as Scrum, and the use of boards to visually and incrementally plan every day, is critical for efficiency. In this way, utilizing digital signage for internal communications can help teams better organize their daily work and improve collaboration. And this type of internal digital signage application can be used in other instances too because, with clear and efficient cross-team collaboration, bottlenecks and issues that used to go unresolved for weeks can be addressed quickly.

Performance Management

Corporate digital signage for performance management is becoming a necessity in call centers, information technology firms, and every other organization with access to key performance metrics (KPIs). By gathering important data from various databases, corporate signage is an effective tool to track KPIs in real-time. Using FWI’s Integration Framework, corporate internal digital signage can display how well teams are meeting their targets or how far behind they are. In using actual metrics to decide what teams need to do next, employees are empowered to make data-driven decisions–acting on what’s really important instead of what they think is important.

Employee Recognition

Utilizing digital signage for internal communications such as recognizing top performing employees is another best practice that top companies leverage. Recognizing employees via internal digital signage is a good way to highlight hard work and express an individual’s value to the company. When implemented correctly, recognition programs can increase employee satisfaction by 15%, directly correlating to an increase in productivity and revenue. The best formula for employee recognition starts with thanking the person by name. Internal digital signage screens can be used to not only display photos, but also the employee’s contributions, and the person who submitted the recognition. Corporate signage can also be used to relay how much of an impact this contribution had on the company, encouraging other people to follow suit.

Strengthening of Corporate Values

Because of the richness of corporate digital signage, it is one of the most effective ways to remind employees and partners of the values that the company lives by. After all, incorporating corporate principles into almost every aspect of an organization is one way to foster recall and practice. For example, corporate signage can be used to display digital artwork that fosters customer satisfaction, and conference rooms with LCD signage can be programmed to automatically switch to display slides that focus on core values such as team work, innovation and creativity when they’re not in use.

Space Management

Utilizing corporate internal digital signage for space management is another way to take advantage of the technology. FWI’s hoteling solution not only allows companies to increase collaboration and communication but can unlock astronomical savings in the process. A common concern for most matrix organizations is making it easy for people to physically work together on a temporary endeavor. With internal digital signage hoteling solutions, employees from departments such as software development, infrastructure, marketing and project management can easily book available spaces and rooms. This process can be integrated with internal business systems, effectively improving internal processes and reducing real estate costs.

Office Navigation

Finally, digital signage for internal communications can be used to improve how employees and visitors navigate your office. FWI’s wayfinding solution can display three-dimensional maps of your building along with highlighted directional paths. Plus, you can include an interactive employee directory to make it easy for everyone to find the right people and departments—and then help them find where they need to go.

As you can see, corporate signage plays a vital role in fostering internal communications. And with multiple purpose-built internal digital signage applications powered by a single software platform, it has never been easier to roll out a comprehensive, yet easily managed communications platform. Contact us when you’re ready to work with the best digital signage company around.

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