Digital Signage Drives the Employee and Visitor Experience at Daimler Trucks North America’s Headquarters

Enhancing the employee & visitor experience.

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) was built on a challenge as relevant today as it was when the company was founded more than 70 years ago: build a better vehicle.


Today, DTNA is one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world and the company’s legacy of innovative technological progress is quickly extending beyond the automotive industry. Its new 268,000 square foot headquarters in Portland, Oregon is a testament to DTNA’s spirit of innovation. After multiple consultations and focus groups dedicated to workplace optimization as well as tours of new office buildings, DTNA began designing a building that was optimized for employees and visitors alike. After deciding that a digital signage solution was necessary to deliver information in intuitive ways, DTNA selected Four Winds Interactive (FWI) as its digital signage company.

Daimler Logo

Screens Comprise a 110 ft Long Video Wall


Video Wall displays Social Media Feeds


Screens Dedicated to Employee Communication

The Challenge:

Daimler wanted to ensure that its new headquarters represented the company’s commitment to the community as well as its employees, but the building also needed to serve as a means of attracting top talent.

In short, every aspect of the finished project had to be impressive in every way. DTNA required a single Visual Communications platform capable of delivering two unique experiences: one for visitors and the other for employees. Daimler wanted to make a statement as soon as people entered the building, a big job considering the lobby was designed to also showcase large commercial vehicles. Additionally, the building was designed to compete with desirable tech firms in the area, so giving employees access to information that improved how they worked in and navigated through the large building was paramount to the company’s goal of attracting and retaining the most qualified employees.

What Needed To Be Done


Create a space capable of attracting top talent


Deliver an impactful visitor experience


Provide employees and visitors with intuitive wayfinding and directory stations

The Solution:

Powered by the FWI platform, DTNA’s headquarters features employee and visitor-facing Visual Communications applications that optimize both experiences.

In the lobby, visitors are greeted with a 59-screen video wall that spans 110 feet and wraps around the corner, ending at a large conference room. This unique video wall showcases a timeline of product innovations, company history, branding information and more. Daimler can also easily customize the messaging based on which visitors and business groups are onsite. Adjacent to the elevators, visitors are met with a large, seamless video wall that acts as a window into the world, displaying an aggregated mix of social media, video and branding content from all of the company’s brands.

On each of the upper floors, employees have access to interactive kiosks that provide wayfinding to offices, conference rooms and more. They also rotate through daily employee communications, display the cafeteria menu and provide access to local weather and traffic conditions. The cafeteria also features a large screen that displays easily updatable menu options. When the cafeteria is closed, the screen dynamically shifts to show corporate branding and traffic information.

Daimler corporate video wall digital signage

The Results

The new headquarters and its network of intuitive, integrated Visual Communications technology sets the groundwork for the future of DTNA’s employee and visitor engagement efforts.

From the screens in the lobby through the interactive employee kiosks throughout the building, DTNA’s Visual Communications network is helping the company realize the initial goals of the project. Daimler Trucks North America is pleased with the flexibility, scalability and usability of FWI’s platform and is currently scoping Visual Communications into other upcoming building projects on its Portland campus. The company is also considering using FWI Mobile™ to bridge the gap between public and personal screens in order to give its workforce access to relevant information regardless of physical location. Additionally, other subsidiaries of the Daimler Group are using the DTNA headquarters’ Visual Communications implementation as an example to follow for new and retrofitted buildings.


Added Benefits


Create an Immersive Visitor Experience

The two large video wall configurations and interactive building directory in the lobby immerse visitors in the company’s culture and provide insight into DTNA’s past, present and future.


Entice Top Talent

The FWI platform helps DTNA create the intuitive, impressive workspaces necessary to attract and retain future generations of DTNA’s workforce.


Improve the Employee Experience

The interactive wayfinding and directory applications on each floor help employees navigate the 268,000 square foot building as well as provide other relevant company information.

We use FWI’s platform to create two distinct experiences: one for visitors and one for employees. The screens in the lobby make a statement about who we are and where we’re going, while the employee-focused screens ensure that every member of the DTNA team can easily access important information.


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