The key to winning more events business.

When you can easily customize your property’s digital signage, you gain the ability to win more high-margin event business, capture more guest wallet share and maximize ROI from your signs.

That’s exactly what FWI® SUITE™ is built to do. Not only do you get access to multiple digital signage solutions, including meeting room and readerboard applications, an interactive virtual concierge solution and a GRTV application, you get a mobile-friendly content management tool designed to let you create personalized site visits and tailored event experiences—on the fly.

Win more event business. Exceed guest expectations. Maximize revenue per square foot.

Turn Your Space Into Their Space

Talk is cheap. Don’t waste time talking about how you can customize your digital signage. If you want to impress event planners, show them how easily you can transform your event space. With multiple pre-built digital signage applications designed to help you win the site visit and provide more immersive guest experiences, FWI SUITE also lets you:


Customize Content

Quickly create custom-branded signage.


Capture More Wallet Share

Capture more guest wallet share by easily promoting your hotel’s amenities on digital signs.


Drive Additional Revenue

Get additional value out of your property’s digital signage network.

hotel digital sign

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