Communicate Facility, Health, and Safety Information Quickly

Flexible communications capabilities are more important than ever.

As new information and guidelines continue to change week-to-week, it’s your responsibility to keep your employees safe and informed.

Your reopening plan today may not be your plan tomorrow–or a month from now. You need the flexibility to communicate new information as it becomes available. CDC guidelines, health and safety tips, facility information, and room capacity guidance are all things your employees expect today and into the foreseeable future. Let’s face it; printing paper signage every time something changes isn’t the answer. Flexible, rapid communications capabilities via office digital signage software are the key to successfully transitioning your workforce back to the office.

Flexible, rapid communications capabilities are the key to successfully transitioning your workforce back to the office.

Your Employees Expect You to Provide for Their Safety Needs as They Return to The Office

The need to communicate quickly as things change has never been more important. Our portable digital signage options and applications give you the ability to communicate health and safety information plus space updates, while showing your employees the steps your company is taking to keep them protected.


Communicate new health and safety information in seconds


Set capacity thresholds and auto-update space statuses


Let employees know which spaces have been sanitized


Leverage pre-built COVID-specific health and safety content


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