Coast-to-Coast Outlet Center Uses Visual Communications to Provide an Unmatched Customer Experience

Enhancing the customer experience.

This Coast-to-Coast outlet mall chain strives to provide their customers with the ultimate shopping experience. Since the company’s inception, they’ve created, defined and led the retail outlet industry.


This outlet mall chain is widely recognized as the premiere destination for brand name products at discounted prices. However, this outlet center’s retail locations aren’t simply a place to buy something. Their outlet centers are curated with a focus on the customer experience. Early on, they found that regardless to demographical markers, visually based communications were the preferred method of receiving information and realized that a comprehensive, upscale shopping experience hinged on the successful integration of digital content.

In 2012, this nationwide outlet center chain selected FWI to help them leverage Visual Communications in one of their outlet centers. The success of that venture led the outlet centers to expand their Visual Communications network. Within three years, 15 outlet centers adopted the technology, and the outlet chain’s future expansion plans include Visual Communications in more locations.


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The Challenge:

One of the key tenets of the nationwide outlet chain’s mission statement revolves around attracting and retaining more customers. With that as their motivation, the outlet center conglomerate approached FWI looking for a flexible, customizable solution that was attractive, engaging, functional and affordable. FWI delivered.

The sheer size and nature of their shopping centers posed a challenge. In order to maximize their impact, the majority of the interactive displays had to be located outdoors in high-traffic areas. Every screen had to also serve multiple purposes. The outlet mall group wanted each display to be equipped with advanced wayfinding capabilities and social media integrations. The screens also needed to be able to rotate through advertising and special promotions when not in use by customers. Finally, their effectiveness needed to be accurately measured.


The Solution:

Four Winds Interactive met each of the outlet mall group’s requirements plus provided a service agreement that covered all management and upgrade needs. With a total of 86 displays in 15 locations, FWI is helping drive engagement through a host of customer-facing applications. The interactive displays all have wayfinding capabilities, helping guide guests through the sprawling shopping centers. Some of the screens are also equipped with cameras that can integrate with social media, promoting ongoing customer engagement and personalizing the shopping experience.

All of the signage also rotates through advertisements and promotions, directing customers to targeted locations within the complex. FWI also implemented a system-wide analytics and reporting tool that allows the outlet mall’s executive team to track interactions and gauge ROI per display, per mall or as a whole.


The Results

The results are astounding. Using the analytics tool, the outlet mall conglomerate has been able to show that the displays receive over 400,000 touches per month across the entire network, proving a significant ROI. The partnership has been so successful that the outlet chain is in the process of expanding their Visual Communications network. By the end of 2016, the outlet mall centers plan to have over 125 screens throughout 21 locations. In preparation for this rapid expansion, the outlet conglomerate moved their project to a dedicated team within FWI’s Managed Services department. That team handles all facets of the network, including a complete template refresh across all locations in 2016.

Added Benefits


Improved Guest Experience

Customers are attracted to, engaged with and informed by the outlet mall’s interactive displays. They are converting one-time shoppers into repeat customers as well as brand ambassadors.


Increase ROI

The displays decrease the costs associated with printed materials as well as provide a new revenue stream through promotional and advertising channels.


Reinforced Engagement

The outlet chain’s Visual Communications network garners over 400,000 screen interactions per month, paving the way for its expansion into new and key existing facilities.

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