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Five Reasons to Switch to FWI Cloud

See how FWI Cloud gives you access to the latest & greatest product enhancements to streamline digital signage management while also saving you time & money.


Sanitation Station

Provide hand sanitation via a digital kiosk while communicating with anyone that enters your space—all completely touch-free to avoid cross-contamination.

Portable A-Frame Display

See why portable digital signs are an effective way to quickly & clearly communicate with your audience—whether that’s your employees, guests, or the general public.


PPE and Communications Kiosk

With different sizes available, FWI’s free-standing digital wellness kiosk is an excellent digital signage option for retail shops, office buildings, hotels, and more. See why.


Optimize the use of your conference rooms by streamlining the process of reserving, checking-in, ending, and extending meetings with FWI BOOKED.

Top 6 Reasons to Choose FWI Cloud

Like most communication platforms, digital signage is moving to the cloud. Here are the reasons FWI Cloud is a must for your digital signage network.

Optimizing the Fan Experience

Learn how the top professional stadiums and arenas use FWI’s digital signage platform to improve the overall guest experience.

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