A Soaring Visitor Experience

Creating an immersive passenger experience.

Find out how one of the busiest airports in the world uses digital signage to improve the passenger experience. 


This primary commercial airport serves the Las Vegas Valley and is operated by the Clark County Department of Aviation. This airfield is one of the busiest transportation hubs in the world, serving millions of travelers annually. This airport welcomes travelers to the Las Vegas experience and the management team of this airfield takes that responsibility seriously.

When a new terminal was designed, those involved wanted to create something that would exceed guest expectations and contribute to the overall Las Vegas experience. They intended to make sure that arriving and departing passengers were aware of the numerous new amenities, all designed to make this Nevada airfield more than a mere stopping point in the journey. Already familiar with Four Winds Interactive (FWI) due to its prominence in the gaming and transportation industries, the management team knew which company to engage when they wanted to leverage the power of Visual Communications to enhance the passenger experience in their new terminal.


Million travelers use this terminal, annually


Gates at this airport, serving an international customer base


Video walls in use throughout the terminal to engage passengers

The Challenge:

Las Vegas is known for entertainment, spectacle, and engagement. The city’s reputation for providing immersive experiences isn’t overstated, and this international airport wanted to deliver on that expectation from the moment passengers entered the new terminal.

They also needed a way to easily disseminate pertinent travel information in an engaging way as well showcase the various available amenities. With over 1.9 million square feet housing 14 gates that service more than 20 airlines, this Nevada airport needed a way to efficiently direct passengers to their desired locations within the terminal. Additionally, this airfield needed to drive advertising revenue by providing premier, eye-catching opportunities to interested companies. They also needed a way to prove advertising campaign efficacy.

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What Needed To Be Done


Deliver on passenger expectations of an immersive experience.


Promote its food, beverage, and retail locations, plus make it easy to navigate to those destinations.


Drive advertising revenue and prove advertising efficacy. 

The Solution:

FWI implemented an extensive series of video walls and interactive wayfinding stations in the terminal.

The Gate Information Displays (GIDs) are all dual-sided 15-foot tall video walls that show iconic imagery and dynamic weather information for the destination city. The videos walls also feature a synchronization functionality, which allows this leading Nevada airport to maintain consistent branded messaging. Every hour, the GIDs are programmed to simultaneously show videos such as rolling dice and slot machines, adding to the overall Las Vegas guest experience by displaying synchronized video content throughout the entire terminal.

Interactive wayfinding stations are also located throughout the terminal. These informative kiosks allow passengers to find specific amenities in the concourse. Visitors can search by categories and once they find a destination, they can pull up a 3-D map, preview restaurant menus and see an animated pathway to the endpoint or even have the route sent to their mobile device.


The Results

The passenger experience has been elevated at this Nevada travel hub. All pertinent travel information, advertisements and location-branded videos are prominently displayed on 28 video walls in the terminal. While these large-format video walls provide valuable information, they also create the sense of excitement that people expect while visiting Las Vegas.

Numerous interactive wayfinding stations allow passengers to easily navigate the large concourse and access the various dining and shopping options. With over 1,500 different routes mapped out, plus the ability to access specific pathways on their smartphones, visitors can move through the airport efficiently.


Added Benefits


Enriched Visitor Experience

The Passenger experience is considered to be unrivaled in the industry. This Nevada airport blended stunning visuals, useful information and the flexibility of modern technology to ensure that the airport is optimized for passengers.


Enhanced Wayfinding

A highly interactive dashboard provides passengers with easy access to the information they need. Over 1,500 destinations within the airport can be easily mapped, including gate locations, ground transportation, dining options and more.


Increased Advertising Revenue

This Nevada International Airport’s new Terminal has numerous sought-after advertising spaces. The location has seen a marked increase in ad sales due to the combination of high quality displays and campaign reporting tools.

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