Improve Campus-Wide Communications

With FWI CAMPUS, implementing a school-wide communications network capable of effectively reaching your students, faculty, staff and visitors is easy.


Empower everyone on campus with relevant, timely information.

Exceed the expectations of a tech-savvy generation.

Solve top campus communication challenges with one solution.

Key Product Features.

Emergency messaging
Emergency Messaging

Integrate with your emergency alert system to automatically deploy relevant safety content to every screen on your campus.

Tailored Student Communications

Use four unique student communications applications to promote engagement, reinforce school loyalty and keep students active in your campus culture.

Interactive Donor Board

Instead of recognizing donors with static plaques, use an interactive donor board to allow users to learn more about each donor as well as highlight additional ways to give.

User workflow
Included Integrations

With pre-built integrations for the top social media platforms, room booking and emergency messaging systems, it's never been easier to display real-time information.

Intuitive Directory

Implement a powerful interactive directory and wayfinding solution to improve how students, faculty and visitors navigate your campus.

Fwi library
FWI Cloud Compatible

Get access to FWI Cloud, our mobile-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage digital signage content, players and user permissions from anywhere.


Let’s face it; today’s students are digital natives. Tomorrow’s will be too. And they’ll expect your school to have an intuitive, comprehensive Visual Communications network. FWI CAMPUS helps you meet and exceed those expectations. 

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