It’s Time to Talk
About a Better
Directory Solution.

When it comes to directories, your visitors and employees deserve more. They deserve FWI DIRECT.


Automatically deliver real-time
local information

Leverage interactive or
directional wayfinding

Easily update
and display employee listings

Key Product Features.


Best-In-Class Wayfinding

Implement a mix of interactive and directional wayfinding functionality to improve how employees and visitors navigate your office.

Passenger information

Local Information

When your visitors and employees aren’t using the directory, showcase local events, dining options traffic information and more.


Unmatched Flexibility

Leverage any of the 52 available configurations, including interactive, non-interactive, horizontal and vertical layouts to optimize your space.

Fwi library

FWI Cloud Compatible

Get access to FWI Cloud, our mobile-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage digital signage content, players and user permissions from anywhere.


Use the included integrations to automatically keep your solution updated with relevant information, providing a more flexible, intuitive, modern and powerful directory solution.


When it comes to directories, your employees and visitors deserve more. And we’re here to help you exceed their expectations, every step of the way.

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