FWI Store.

Your One-Stop-Shop.

With hundreds of pre-built apps, templates, plug-ins and more, FWI Store makes it easy to maintain and update your digital signage network.


Key Product Features.


Take advantage of our pre-built, configurable apps to supplement your existing content, increase engagement and provide added value to your target audience.

Imagery and video
Imagery and Video

Leverage hundreds of content pieces, including seasonal and holiday-specific designs, as well as videos to ensure your content mix stays fresh.

Industry specific content
Industry-Specific Content

Find content and applications specific to your needs, all built using digital signage best-practices developed over 10+ years of solving challenges in multiple industries.


Use our built-in plug-ins and integrations to pull information from third-party vendors and display that data on your screens.

Robust Search Functionality

With hundreds of content items, templates and more, The FWI Store makes it easy to find and download the content you need.


Choose from multiple pre-built template options, in portrait and landscape orientations, to quickly organize your content in an easily digestible, visually appealing way.



Images, videos, apps, templates and plug-ins—we’ve done the legwork for you. With a subscription to FWI Store, you get unlimited access to pre-built content, making it easy to keep your digital signage network fresh. Schedule a demo to see what’s included in FWI Store.

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