FWI Services.

Extending the functionality of your Content Players

With Cloud hosting or on-premise installation options, FWI Services is a server-side application that facilitates communication between Content Manager and your Content Players.


Key Product Features.

Device manager
Centralized Device Deployment Info

Deploy content to any network of players, whether they're all in a single location or a part of a global digital signage network, spanning hundreds of locations. 

Device Commands Communication

With multiple commands to choose from, you gain the ability to easily access and control your Content Players remotely, from anywhere. 

Device Logs Aggregation

With this feature, you can diagnose issues on any of your Content Players by uploading the application logs to the central FWI Services server and viewing the historical activity of the player in question.

Data visualization
Device Status Aggregation

This feature allows you to get a quick visual of your Content Player's health, either viewed individually or as part of a larger group. 

Corporate meeting mgmt
Interactivity Reporting

Easily configure touchscreen applications to automatically upload interactivity tracking reports to FWI Services, then download and analyze that data to align your content with the needs of your audience.  

Video support
Proof of Play Reporting

With a simple configuration setup and upload option, FWI Services makes it easy to create a report showing if and when specific content items play on your various screens.



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