Mobile Wayfinding

The Four Winds Interactive Mobile Wayfinding solution creates an HTML webpage in real-time—providing users the ability to view a map with a static starting location, a target destination, animated route paths, and a list of turn-by-turn directions all from a tablet or mobile device. The link to this web page can be shared to end users directly from a digital display via SMS text, email or integrated QR code scan. The map’s starting location and route are automatically generated based on the physical location of the digital display—making the solution simple to setup and maintain.

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Networking considerations. 

Because users will be accessing the software on their mobile phones, the Content Manager database must be internet accessible. For FWI clients taking advantage of a Hosted Infrastructure, this is already in place. For clients with an Installed Infrastructure, this requires allowing internet access to both the Content Manager server and the Integration Framework server. In both scenarios, the map image(s) must also be internet accessible in order to display the image on the user’s mobile device.


  • Mobile Wayfinding is available with the Premiere Software License
  • A CM Web Published URL available for retrieving deployment XML data (database version 4.6 or above)
  • Customer with installed infrastructure is using Integration Framework version or above, and the Integration Framework Server is exposed to the internet
  • Additional Professional Services will be required for assistance in implementation
  • Customer is responsible for any changes or updates to locations, destinations and routes. Customer must provide desired translations for multi-language support

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