FWI Mobile Workforce™

Your Visual Communication system is a powerful employee engagement tool—sharing critical information in a fun, effortless and engaging way. But your workforce is mobile. The FWI Mobile™ solution bridges the gap between public and personal displays to deliver messaging to any mobile device. It puts your internal signage network into anyone’s pocket.

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Empowering your workforce with information on the go.

The FWI Mobile™ platform is an ideal companion product for companies with an onsite Visual Communications system. Employees can now easily access the same carefully curated proprietary information as you display in your office from anywhere. FWI Mobile combines multiple data sets into a single application, delivered through the web, so any Internet enabled device can access it.

Designed for ease of use, ease of deployment. 

FWI designed Mobile Workforce to be as easy to use as our consumer apps. Leveraging HTML5, the solution allows customers to easily utilize existing data and present it in a web-based app interface with modules for each segment of information. Each preset module contains specific features that can be quickly configured based on your desired content inclusions. Each module is customizable, from the content you display to how you display it. With FWI Mobile Workforce you can:

  • Select specific modules based on what your mobile workforce needs
  • Customize the content within each segment
  • Change the viewable area of each module
  • Enable different access requirements per module

FWI Mobile Workforce currently has 11 pre-built modules to get you started. In addition, FWI’s built-in adapters allow you to integrate with data from any http or RSS feed—so the solution will scale to meet your needs today and in the future.


App customization made easy.

FWI Mobile Workforce lets you easily customize the look of your mobile application. You can create a mobile solution that follows your brand standards, periodically update it to reflect current campaigns and change the appearance based on seasonal events. All of this can be accomplished without changing the base URL, so employees don’t have to change their login protocol when the design is updated. The drag-and-drop interface of FWI Mobile Workforce lets you:

Change colors and branding quickly

Include pictures, icons and other imagery

Specify notification alerts by module

See changes in real-time

Drag-and-drop the hierarchy within modules


Security your way. 

FWI understands the need for security when dealing with proprietary data. We’ve added several security features to ensure your assets are protected:

  • Enable passcode requirements at the home screen or within individual modules
  • Keep data feeds current and secure with Integration Framework
  • Specify which pieces of data from a given feed are accessible to your audience

Empowering your mobile workforce.

FWI Mobile Workforce is a low maintenance solution that extends your Visual Communications to any mobile device. It expedites the app building process—bringing your finished application to market faster without sacrificing customizability, ease of use or security. Contact Four Winds Interactive to see how a mobile solution can keep your mobile workforce informed.

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Contact us with your questions.

We’re here to collaborate and help you develop Visual Communications solutions that drive results.